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Dan Lewis
Dan Lewis, Dec. 2005.

Dan Lewis Distinguished Service Award

The RRUUC Board of Trustees renamed its Distinguished Service Award in 2006 in memory of longtime member Dan Lewis. This award honors those members each year who have made significant contributions in a variety of ways to River Road. These individuals have provided demonstrated leadership beyond a single project, showing length and breadth of service over the course of many years. The Board of Trustees votes on the awardees each spring and presents the award at the congregational annual meeting.

The following list includes those awardees for the Distinguished Service Award and the renamed Dan Lewis Distinguished Service Award:

2017- Jim Heaney and Dave Leonard

2016 - Janet Fernandez and Lisa Orange

2015 - Bob Waser and Jeanne DeShazo

2014 - Governance Task Force: Alan Edmond, Lis Handley, Kathleen Madigan, Katherine Mazzaferri, Lisa Orange, Joe Saliunas, Jerry Temchin, Joan Zenzen (Chairperson); Staff - Rev. Nancy Ladd, Doug McCusker, Andrew Taylor

2013- Linda Gustitus

2012 - Ministerial Search Committee: Sara Adams (Chairperson), Nancy Cedar, Loretta Garcia, Beth Harrison, Jeff Hollingsworth, Charlotte Moser, Rob Nooter, Lisa Orange, Rita Parks

2011 - Jeff Hollingsworth

2010 - Harry Radcliffe

2009 Edmund Bennett, Curt Adams

2008 Craig Ferris, John Hansman

2007 Barbara Lewis

2006 Don Martell


2004 Sara Adams

2003 Bob Elkin, Ann Faegre, Connie Hendrickson

2002 Gary Barnhardt, Don Chery, Peter Engleman, Robert Lach, Janet
   Fernandez, Dan Lewis, Barbara Lewis, Sally Watts, Craig Ferris, and Claudia

2001 Carol and Darold Silkwood

2000   Charlotte Jones Carroll; Special recognition to Bob Waser for his
   work on the Web site

1999 Sylvia Friedman

1998 Susan Bockius, John Hansman

1997 Sally Watts, Don Chery, John Kelly; Special Contribution awards to
   Greg Thomas (for technical support to office staff); Roger Patterson (for
   work with church finances).

1996 Shirley Patterson, Brad Patterson, Dave Barbee

1995 Peter Benjamin, Sharron Cochran, Dwight Cramer, Ginny Jones

1994 Lynn Kelly, Don Bunis, Curt Adams, Jan Elicker

1993 Dan Lewis, Grace Evans, Bill Butler

1992 Grace Hayes, Barbara Fosberg, Maryann Garrity, Elke Jordan, Fran

1991 Peggy Cole, Roger Cole, Sallie Toney, Marney Bruce, Mary Johnson

1990 Mary Rose Curtis

Earlier Stanford Pratt, Michael Lotze; Frank Knorr, Pete Salinger,
   Molly Vinton, Dave Johnson, John Chandler, Janet Koch.