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Muriel Davies Award For Excellence in Religious Education

This award honors River Road Unitarian Universalist Congregation’s first Director of Religious Education, Muriel Davies, and the far-reaching work she did in establishing and running the congregation’s Religious Education program (then called “The School of Religion”).

Any members or friends, children and adults, may nominate a volunteer who has contributed time, talents, energy and enthusiasm in an exemplary manner. Outstanding work in the Religious Education program may include: exemplary teaching over a long period of time; working dynamically with Religious Education teachers and staff to improve curricula; and making a visible difference in the lives of students.

Please supply the information below:

Please provide the name of Religious Education volunteer being nominated.

  1. Describe how do you know the nominee’s work in Religious Education?
  2. Share 2-3 sentences describing the impact this nominee has had on RRUUC’s Religious Education program.
  3. How has this nominee made a difference to children and/or youth in religious education?

Please email this information to Gabrielle Farrell, Lifespan Religious Educator at gfarrell(at)rruuc.org.  

Past Award Recipients:

2016-2017: Doran Flowers, Katherine Hubley

2015-2016: Lynn Fields, Walter Weiss, the Mystery Pals Team: Frank Goldner, Matthew Hammond, and Heidi Mordhorst

2014-2015: Heather Corneilus, Carolyn LoBuglio, Isabel Castillo-de Ramos

2013-2014: Loretta Garcia, Eva Junker

2012-2013: Don Chery, Jim Hafner-Eaton, Matthew Hammond, Laura Myers,

2011-2012: Martin Dieu, Barbara Geiser, Tom Helde, Marty Weiss

2010-2011: Jeremiah Cohen, John Otridge, Linda Ryden, Susan Smith Webb 

2009-2010: Peter Benjamin, Linda Bleadinghesier, Mary Hilken, Rosemary Hunziker

2007-2008: Dorothy Barthelmes, Lisa Daniel, Tim Daniel, Emma Hardin, Jana Kirkman, David Whitman

2006-2007: Beth Dewey, Cheryl Dodwell, Drew Hoelscher, Madeleine McElveen, Jenny Sour

2005-2006: John Blake, Kelly Hardin, Jim Heaney, Patti Klepp, Susan Valenstein

2004-2005:  Pat Earl, Frank Goldner, Lisa Orange, Kaki Power, Gary Timmons

2003-2004: Cassie Amos, Claudia Nagan, Steve Oesch, Larry Riibner, Stuart Weinstein

2002-2003: Ann Dunbar, Sam Francis, Jared Miller, Carl Skooglund

2001-2002: Dave Geiser, Chris Hager, Joan Magagna, Pete Salinger