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Building Use Information And Regulations

RENTAL CHARGES:  Fees are determined from the time the building users, including caterers, need access to the facility to the time they leave. Adequate time to set up and clean up after the event must be included in the rental time allotted.

ACCESSIBILITY:  RRUUC is handicapped accessible.  There are fully accessible restrooms on the main, upper and lower floors of the Sanctuary building that can be reached via the elevator in the main entrance foyer.  There are accessible restrooms on the lower level of the Fellowship building that can be reached by elevator from the second floor.

AISLE BOWS: Aisle bows for weddings and commitment ceremonies may be hung on the back of chairs.  Please be sure to use pipe cleaners or ribbon fasteners so as not to damage the furniture or snag clothing.

AISLE RUNNERS: While you may use an aisle runner, they are not necessary.  If an aisle runner is used it may not be taped or secured to the floor.

ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES:  Only wine and beer may be served.  Maryland state law must be observed, especially no service to minors.  If your event will have wine and beer for sale or included in an admission fee, then you must obtain a special one-day Class C license from the Montgomery County Dept of Liquor Control.  Information is on the web at: http://www.montgomerycountymd.gov/dlc-apps or by phoning 240 777 1999.  Wine and beer provided without charge requires no license.

BRIDES/PREPARATION ROOM: The wedding/commitment party may use a room as a preparation area (no charge). Mirrors can be made available.

CANDELABRAS: Candelabras are available by arrangement with the Administrator.  There are two styles. Two are adjustable from 42" to 70" tall and hold seven candles. Two are 63" tall, hold five candles and are wrought iron. You may also arrange with your florist for additional candelabras.  You must provide your own candles; 14" tapers are an appropriate size for use in the standing candelabras.

CHAIRS:  Extra chairs that are not required must remain in the Fellowship Room or the Sanctuary. They may be placed against the walls.

CHILDREN:  Children must be supervised at all times.

CONFETTI:  Birdseed, rice, glitter, flower petals, and/or confetti may NOT be used for decorations or thrown either in the buildings or outside.  Bubbles and flower petals may be used outside only.

DAMAGE OR INJURY: The renter is responsible for any property damage, loss, or personal injury resulting from the renter's use of RRUUC premises.  Homeowner or organization liability insurance may cover such rentals, but renters should check with their insurance agents to verify.

DECORATIONS:  Bulletin boards and other pictures and wall decorations will remain in place.  Nothing is to be removed or rearranged without prior approval from the Administrator.  Decorations for your event must be placed with care so that there is no damage to the building or furniture.

DELIVERIES:  RRUUC cannot be responsible for deliveries from caterers, florists and furniture rental, etc. to the building or for things left before, during or after your event.

FLOWERS: Arrangements for flowers may be made with the florist of your choice.  The florist must arrange delivery with the Administrator. Flowers may be left for Sunday morning worship by prior arrangement; please check with the Administrator.

KITCHEN:  Use of the kitchen is a separate rental and must be arranged with the RRUUC office.  Sinks, stoves and counter space are available for your use.  Refrigerator space must be arranged for in advance and availability depends on RRUUC events.  Please do not leave any food or beverages behind after your event.  No utensils, pots, linens or paper/plastic goods (other than paper towels and trashcan liners) are available.

LOST AND FOUND: RRUUC cannot be responsible for items left before, during or after your event in the buildings.

PARKING:  There are approximately 100 parking slots in the RRUUC parking areas and overflow may park on the street.  Please honor the handicapped parking spaces; please do not park in reserved parking spaces; do not park in wooded areas outside of defined spaces; and do not park in the driveways, which are designated fire lanes.  Please advise your participants of these limits.
PIANO:  A fee is charged for the use of the piano. Absolutely no food or drink is allowed on the pianos and covers must be put back on when finished.  The pianos are tuned regularly.  Any questions regarding the tuning or condition of the pianos must be referred to the Director of Music.  The pianos cannot be placed on the stage under any circumstances.

PUBLIC TELEPHONE:  Telephones are located in the volunteer center in the upper foyer and in the lower hall.  They are toll-restricted.  Dial 9 for an outside line.

RECYCLING:  RRUUC is committed to reducing trash by recycling.  There are recycling bins in the kitchen for plastic, metal and glass and in the upper foyer for paper.

SEATING CAPACITY:  The Sanctuary seating capacity is approximately 285.  The balcony will seat an additional 60 people.  The Fireside Room seats about 60 - 80.

SMOKING PROHIBITED:  Please announce at your event that River Road Unitarian Universalist Congregation has designated its building as a NO Smoking building.  Smoking may occur only outside the building. There is an ash can located outside the main entrance and outside the office entrance.

SOUND SYSTEM:  The sound system may be used only by prior arrangement.  The custodian will open the sound cabinet and instruct the user.  The sound system must be attended at all times to insure proper functioning and for the convenience and protection of the user.            

TRASH:  Building users are responsible for taking the trash generated by their event to the dumpster. There are Recycle bins in the kitchen and a Recycle container next to the dumpster.

USE OF THE FACILITY BY OUTSIDE CLERGY: RRUUC will make its facilities available to outside cleregy by prior arrangement with the senior minister of RRUUC.

WEDDING/COMMITTMENT CEREMONY PROGRAMS: If you wish to have a printed program, it is your responsibility to have it designed and printed. The minister will help you with planning the order of service/program.

Keep yourselves and our property safe by following the aforementioned rules.  For further information, or to schedule an appointment, please contact the Administrator or Administrative Assistant at 301 229-0400; fax: 301 320-3544; or office@rruuc.org.