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Wireless Network

About the Network

RRUUC has a wireless network throughout the building.  The network requires a password to access it.  For members and friends, you can use the same login and password used to access the members only part of the web site.  For guests and renters, you will need to obtain a login and password from the office. 

While ever effort is made to ensure the reliability of the RRUUC WiFi network, there are no service guarantees about the availability or performance of this network.

Connecting Your Computer

To connect to the network, your computer needs an 802.11b or 802.11g wireless network card (often called a WiFi card).  There are two network names (SSID) RRUUC  and RRUUC-SECURE (all capitals).  The RRUUC network uses a web based login screen and is best for one time or occasional use.  The RRUUC-SECURE network uses WPA2 encryption and it is more secure and better for people who use the RRUUC network regularly.

Using the RRUUC SSID

To login:

1) Connect to the RRUUC network (the procedure depends on your operating system)

2) Open a web browser and try to visit a site

3) You will be automatically taken to a login page for the RRUUC network

4) Enter your login and password

5) Press enter

When done:

1) click on the "logout" link that appears on the popup window that appeared after you logged in.


The RRUUC-SECURE ssid requires Windows 7, MAC OS, IOS, Linux, or Android (i.e. it will not work with Windows XP).

How you login to the SSID will depend on your operating system.  Generally, after you try to connect, a popup box will appear asking you for a login and password.  Your login is you RRUUC members only login (which is generally one of your email address) or the temporary id issued by the staff.  The password it your password.  

On some systems there will be an option to "always use this login/password" or something similar. Checking this item will allow your computer to automatically connect to the network whenever it is turned on at RRUUC.