River Road Unitarian Universalist Congregation

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Policies & Procedures

Board Policies & Procedures

Adult Enrichment, charge for services (11/1985)
Affiliate Minister Program (2/2011)
Approval of the Minutes from Congregational Meetings 8/21/2012
Ashes, Disposal of on RRUUC Grounds (9/2006)
Board Business Conducted Outside of Regularly Scheduled Board Meetings (2/16/2016)
Board Member Concurrent Congregational Activities (3/21/2017
Capital Asset Plan (2/2011)
Christmas Eve Collections (2/2011)
Committees and Councils at RRUUC (3/15/11)
Conflict of Interest (1/17/2012)
Delegates to the UUA General Assembly (10/2006, 6/1962)
Document Retention (1/17/2012)
Endowment Fund (1/2011)
Financial Roles And Responsibilities (6/13/17)
Fiscal Policies (10/18/2016)
Gift Policy (2/21/2017)
Guidelines for RRUUC Ministerial Relations Committee
Mission and Values Statements
Participation in Board of Trustees Discussions (12/2005)
Policies, Establishment and Dissemenation of (10/2006, 4/2001)
Reserves, Board Policy Relating to (4/1997)
Safe Congregation Policy Manual (1/2015)
Speaking Out and Using Banners in the Name of RRUUC (9/2006)

Administrative Policies & Procedures

Accountable Reimbursement Plan (4/17/11)
Church Life APP (10/13)
Communications Procedures (5/12)
Emergency Closing (8/16/11)
Facilities Use (2/1999, rev. 10/2004)
Fees for Weddings and Services of Union (4/2011)
International Travel, Groups of RRUUC Members (5/1999)
Kitchen Use Agreement (6/10)
Personnel Policy Manual (5/2016)
Photo Release, Group (7/2011)
Photo Release, Individual (7/2011)
Rites of Passage (2/2011)
Safe Food Handling
Social Media Guidelines
Web Site Style Guide (6/2009)
Welcome Team: Sunday Guidelines
Welcome Team: Sunday Basics
Welcome Team: Sunday Experience
Welcome Team: Materials/Resources
Welcomer Report and Affirmation

Other Policies

Audit Committee Procedures
Minority Scholarship Fund Policies (1/2006)
Pledge Confidentiality (2/1979)
Whistleblower Protection (1/17/2012)