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Safe Practices

RRUUC is a spiritual community that takes seriously its responsibility to provide a nurturing environment for everyone, to do what we can to prevent injury, and to ensure that every individual is safe from emotional, physical, or sexual abuse.

We have developed a Safe Congregations Manual which is available as a download below as is the Executive Summary. Below are some highlights that we feel are especially important for parents and guardians to know.


If a parent anticipates their child/ren will be participating in Religious Education more than a few times, we ask that the child/ren be registered.  This is not the same as becoming a member of the congregation.  Registration is a way for parents to share essential information about allergies, medical conditions and special needs.  It also helps staff and teachers prepare for welcoming your child.  

Sunday School Sign-In, Drop-Off, and Pick Up

  • Infants and toddlers need to be signed in each time they are dropped off in Nurserycare.  We need to be able to reach parents during the service, and ask you to write your cell phone number when signing in, and then keep it handy and set on vibrate.

Special Events

We ask parents of young people (18 and younger) to register in advance, accompany their children to the starting place, sign their children in, and then return to pick up their children by the scheduled end time for the event.

Open Door

With the exception of OWL, classrooms should be fully visible and parents are always welcome to join in and help.

Positive Discipline

We strive to guide behavior in a respectful way that focuses on what is going well and what we want to see.  Physical punishment, shaming, or belittling are never acceptable techniques.

Background Checks and Code of Ethics

All volunteers working with children or youth sign a form, granting River Road permission to do a background check.  After attending training, they also sign a Code of Ethics.

Two Person Rule

Every room with young people in our care needs to have two responsible people present, and at least one of these people must be an adult.


Safe Congregations Manual as of January 2015


Safe Congregtions Policy Summary