River Road Unitarian Universalist Congregation

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The RRUUC 2006-2011 Strategic Plan

2006-2011 Strategic Plan 

RRUUC's most recent five-year Strategic Plan was endorsed by the Board of Trustees and then the congregation at the June 2006 Annual Meeting.  A Strategic Planning Group (SPG) was formed by the Board of Trustees in October 2004 to develop, with congregational participation, a Strategic Plan for 2006-2011. 

Vision for 2006-2011: RRUUC empowers us to live our UU values individually and collectively.

By 2011, we wanted to be able to say of RRUUC:

  • We are fully engaged in reaching out to the wider community to show the world the ennobling spiritual values and goals that we have to offer and to make a difference through social action.
  • As an actively growing religious community, we joyfully unite in nourishing the spirit, articulating and strengthening our values, and welcoming members and friends within a culture of caring and appreciation. 

Specific Goals set out in the plan:

  • Reach Out to the wider community.
  • Grow our membership.
  • Unite in the spirit of fun and a culture of caring.
  • Nurture spiritual growth.

2011 Closing Assessment

As the end of the five-year period for the 2006-2011 strategic plan approached,  the Board of Trustees convened a new strategic planning task force to consider "next steps" for 2011.  The Task Force interviewed congregational leaders and staff, analyzed outcomes from the strategic plan, and developed a draft assessment of the 2006-2011 Strategic Plan.  Congregational focus groups were conducted from January-March 2011 to discuss the draft assessment. 

Based on its findings and congregational in-put, the Task Force has recommended that, instead of embarking in 2011 on a new strategic planning process, the best course is to wait until a new senior minister is in place at RRUUC to begin a new planning activity.  conduct a new strategic exercise. A link to this Closing Assessment can be found below.

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