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The Financial Stewardship Committee

In December 2010, the RRUUC Board established a permanent Financial Stewardship Committee (FSC) to ensure that there is a year-round effort to promote financial stewardship among RRUUC members and friends. Current members are Lyn Lansdale (Chair), Jai Chopra, Kathleen Knepper, Marcia Leonard, and Liz Ward; Sheri Blanchette, staff liaison.

The responsibilities of the FSC, as assigned by the Board, are:

  • Initiate and respond to recommendations to improve the fiscal health of RRUUC through improved annual pledging, support of RRUUC's endowment program, and consultation with RRUUC's Board and Finance Committee regarding the initiation of capital campaigns.
  • Make strategic decisions about the operation of the Annual Stewardship Campaign.
  • Ensure that an operations team for the Annual Stewardship Campaign is in place, including recruiting additional leaders and members, if necessary. These leaders will make operational decisions and implement the Annual Stewardship Campaign. The Campaign chair may not be the Chair of the Financial Stewardship Committee.
  • Ensure that membership materials pertaining to financial stewardship are current.
  • Make pledge guidelines readily available to RRUUC members and friends.
  • Institute a canvass visit to new members as part of the new member process, and solicit their pledges
  • Work with the ministers to monitor and follow-up on non-pledging members.
  • Work with RRUUC staff to keep accurate pledge records and ensure that bylaw letters are sent in a timely fashion
  • Coordinate with the Membership Committee, Finance Committee, Endowment Committee, Board, and Social Justice Council, as needed

The organization of the FSC is as follows:

  • This is a Standing Committee consisting of 5 members, including a Chair. All committee members must be pledging members of RRUUC.
  • The Board will assign a Board liaison to the Committee.
  • Initially the Board will select and approve the Committee members; the Committee will designate a Chair.  For the initial selection, one member will be selected for a 1-year term, two members for a 2-year term, and two members for a 3-year term. Subsequently, new members shall all be appointed for 3-year terms.
  • Starting one year after Committee formation, the Committee and Board Liaison will select one or two new members each year to replace members with expiring terms.  Members may serve up to two consecutive terms. New members do not need Board approval. After a one year recess, previous members may rejoin the committee.
  • The Committee members will select the Chair each year.

If you'd like to learn more about financial stewardship at RRUUC or are interested in discussing how you can make a pledge or financial contribution to support our mission and programs, please contact members of the committee at FinancialStewardship(at)rruuc.org.