River Road Unitarian Universalist Congregation

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Meaning of Membership

What are the Responsibilities of Membership?

Membership is a public commitment: to support the values and principles of liberal religion; to support and encourage one's own and others' efforts to grow spiritually; and to support the congregation and the denomination.

Following are specific ways in which we serve as members of our religious community. Keep in mind that these are goals for a lifetime and are not accomplished all at once!

  • Attend services regularly. Be an active participant by attending services or working with the Religious Education program.
  • Work on your spiritual development. There are many avenues, starting with reading, reflecting, and becoming more observant of yourself, others, and the natural world. Participate in adult enrichment courses, work on lay-led services, share in a men's or women's group. Help people in need through the social justice program. Spiritual growth is a life-long endeavor that is up to each individual, with the support of the congregation.
  • Serve the congregation by giving your time and talents. Working together on the many tasks needed to run our congregation, small or large, is the best way to get to know others. As time allows, choose activities in which you can put your talents and interests to work and that you will find most rewarding. Even relatively simple tasks, such as helping with coffee, are important because they foster community.
  • Participate in the democratic process. Attend congregational meetings, get informed, and exercise your right to vote.
  • Pledge generously. Giving financially, as one is able, is crucial to the health of the congregation and its ability to serve its members and the community at large. Please consider pledging according to Giving categories for Supporters, Sustainers, and Visionaries or to the UUA’s Fair Share Contribution Guide, which suggests giving 2% - 10% of your income. If you have not already made a pledge, ask for a brochure and pledge form.
  • Be involved in service to others. Our congregation is involved in a number of activities that provide ways in which we can serve the larger community. Some of the many opportunities include working with Beacon House or Shepherd's Table, or an ongoing Task Force of our Social Justice Council.
  • Connect to the wider UU movement. Read World, the Unitarian Universalist Association's magazine, which members receive free, or you may want to attend a conference or workshop with other UUs.