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Room Requests
This form is for internal space reservations. To rent space please contact the RRUUC office at 301-229-0400.

(You may use the mouse to place the cursor in the proper space or Tab between spaces; Do not use the Enter key as that will send the form prematurely.)

1. Meeting Time And Date:

Day of Week: Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs. Fri. Sat. Sun
     Date of Meeting:

Set-up start time:
Event start time:
Event end time:

2. Type of Event/Activity

3. Number of People Attending

4. Preferred Space (Classroom/Library/Kitchen/Fellowship Room/Fireside Room/Sanctuary)

5. Equipment Needed (Tables/Coffee Urn/Easel, Newsprint/VCR/TV/Projector/Tape Player)

6. Responsible Party for event (Cleaning up and making sure the building is secure)

E-Mail address:

7. Room Set-up Instructions: Note: No room set-ups are available for Sunday events.



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