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The web design team hard at work.

Welcome to the RRUUC web site. After several years of discussions that we needed a new web site, a full-scale effort to redesign the site was started in January, 2007. The site officially launched on October 20, 2007. 

The look of the site is designed to provide a visual look to help unite the various aspects of RRUUC life. The home page is organized to feature upcoming services and events. An emphasis was also placed on including lots of photos to show the life of the congregation. The team is still gathering photos and encourages contributions from members and friends. Also, the site is designed to serve first-time seekers, members for many decades, and everyone in between.

This web site was constructed by a volunteer team of RRUUC members and staff.  The committee includes:

Jeff Hollingsworth (chair)
Elizabeth Buie (co-chair)
Sheri Blanchette
John Hansman
Lisa Orange
Dick Pelroy
Bob Waser

Photos were provided by (and remain copyrighted by):

Don Martell
Dick Pelroy
Elaine Studley
Simone van den Berg

Additional photography from BigStockPhoto.com and some of the icons are from FastIcon.com.

This site was implemented using the Typo3 Content Management System (CMS).  The CMS allows individuals and groups involved with activities and events at RRUUC to create and maintain their own pages. 

Numerous RRUUC members and friends helped out with the process, some by participating in a small-group activity to organize the topics and some by test driving the prototype site so that we could learn what worked well, what needed improvement, and what they thought about the new design.

The primary browser used to test the site is FireFox 3.0 (both Windows and Macintosh versions), although some testing was done with Internet Explorer 7.0 for Windows.  If you have problems displaying the site, please consider using one of these browsers.  Due to the limited time of volunteers, we are unable to test with additional browsers.