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RRUUC is a Green Sanctuary!

The voluntary decision the members of River Road Unitarian Universalist Congregation made to become a Green Sanctuary congregation was similar to their earlier decision to become a Welcoming Congregation.  This choice was another way for the RRUUC community to live up to its UUA Principles and values.

What does it mean to be a Green Sanctuary? 

With an unanimous vote by the Board of Trustees in March 2005 and a nearly unanimous vote by the congregation in June 2006, RRUUC asserted a bold commitment to make every effort, where possible and feasible, to live in greater harmony with the Earth by actively seeking out sustainable choices that were both environmentally conscious and responsible.  There was an agreement that some times, however, certain choices might need to be delayed and others made because of immediate financial concerns; but, nevertheless, the direction to be taken was clearly understood.  The commitment was to collaborate as a whole congregation and to move forward as individuals and as a congregation to make sustainable and environmentally conscious choices.  A Green Sanctuary Committee was created and meets several times each year with members from throughout the RRUUC community -- the Board, the Finance Committee, the RRUUC Administration, the ministers, Worship, Building and Planning Group, Religious Education, Youth, Adult Education, Grounds, the Environmental Task Force, and the Social Justice Council.

Being a Green Sanctuary is a serious matter and means that we adhere to certain values and principles, just as being a UU means that we adhere to the Seven UUA Principles.