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Activity Groups

Activity groups are great places to meet others, have fun and connect! These groups are drop in and can be of varying sizes.  If you wish more information, contact Sheri Blanchette and she will send your name onto the group leader.  


Artists and crafters work on their projects while sharing conversation and fellowship. Meets the first Monday of the month, 10:30am to 12:00pm, Fellowship Hall

Leader:  Patricia (Pat) Kay

Location:  Fellowship Hall



Meet for conversation, coffee/tea & cookies and a new program every second Thursday from 1:30pm to 3:00pm.

Leaders:  Candace Riddington

Location:  Fellowship Hall


Book Group — Evening

Informal discussion of recent fiction, non-fiction and an occasional older classic.  Meets on the second Monday from 7:30pm-9:00pm. Click here for the Evening Book Group schedule and selections.

Leader:  John Hansman

Location:  Varies

Book Group — Morning

Chooses a monthly book available in public library or paperback. Discussion leadership shared with full and interesting participation by all.  

Meets on the third Friday from 9:30am-11:00am. 

Leader:  Candace Riddington

Location:  varies


Garden and Composting

Join a group of planters, harvesters and composters to keep our outdoor laboratory vital. All year long, indoors and out, our congregational mission of education and service related to nature and the environment connects here.  Contact the leader to be added to the garden listserv.

Leader:  Walter Weiss.

Location: Varies

Food Ministry

Help create and build community through cooking, sharing meals, and fellowship by preparing meals for Congregational Care and congregational events. The group also supports the efficiency and effectiveness of the kitchen’s organization and resources.

Leaders:  Beth Dewey, Mimi Mattis, Karen Wilhelm, and Betty Wilson

Locations: Kitchen and Fellowship Hall

International Dinners

Like global flavors paired with interesting conversation? Then join us for fellowship at moderately priced international restaurants on the second Wednesday each month! Newcomers are especially welcome. Dates, locations, cost and reservation information are announced in the eWeekly.

Leader:  Christine (Chris) Hager

Language — German Conversation Group

Discuss topics of interest, periodically view a thought-provoking German film, and brush up on your German speaking skills. Meetings are conducted in German on the third Sunday for one hour beginning at 12:30pm.

Leader:  Elke Jordan

Location:  Fiatfalva Room (Room 7 & 9)

Language — Spanish Conversation Group

Participants are asked to prepare beforehand a short 3-5 minute talk about any topic of interest in Spanish. Useful vocabulary words and spelling, are noted and gently corrected by Leader.  Occasionally, more intensive grammar exercises or reading/music are heard so that ears become accustomed to spoken Spanish.  Meets every Tuesday for one hour beginning at 10:30am.
Leader:  Charlotte Jones Carroll

Location:  Room 31

Lunch and Learn

Fellowship and fun in a supportive community of RRUUCers.  Small group discussions over lunch and other planned activities such as museum visits, movies, occasional home potlucks, and Sunday lunches after 2nd service. 

Leader: Ursula Scott

Location: Gathering times and locations vary and are announced in the eWeekly.

Mindful Knitters

Explore your spirit and participate in creating caring shawls and garments for our community and friends. Click here for more information.  Meets monthly on the second Monday from 7:30pm-9:00pm. 
Leader: Martine Brizius

Location:  Fiatfalva Room (Room 7 & 9)

Social Bridge

There is always room at the table for you to join in on an afternoon of friendly, social bridge.  Meets every Monday from 2:00pm-4:15pm, Fellowship Hall
Leader:  Mimi Kuester

Location:  Fellowship Hall


WOW (Widows or Widowers Group)

Support and fellowship ((e.g., conversation at RRUUC, at a restaurant for brunch after services). Gathering times and locations vary and are announced in the eWeekly.

Leader:  Ursula Scott