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Stay-cation Activities

Session 1: 9:30-10:40

Arts and Crafts Stations for Children and Adults

Bring your own project or start something new. (All day, drop-in) Leaders: Tina Hsu and Loretta Garcia

Zentangle Drawing

Learn a simple technique, using intricate patterns, that fosters creativity and mindfulness. For teens and adults. Leader: Sam Francis

Writing As a Spiritual Practice

In this group, we'll explore the reflective and communal aspects of free writing. We'll write on a chosen topic for a set period of time -- no rules, no editing, and no criticism. Then we'll share our writing out loud. Some sample writing prompts:

  • Identify, describe, introduce yourself. What do you want others to know about you? Or, what do you want to say about yourself to yourself?
  • Write about an experience you have had with freedom. When you hear that word, what do you see, hear, taste, touch, feel, imagine, anticipate, remember, or long for?

For adults (two-hour session). Leader: Lisa Orange

Gentle Yoga

Bring your yoga mat and energize yourself by stretching and breathing into the day. No previous experience needed. We'll do spine, arm and leg wake up stretches, as well as simple breathing exercises to embrace the morning. For teens and adults. Leader: Debby Peck

Making Mandalas with Natural Materials

We’ll gather simple materials found in nature from the RRUUC grounds, then work together to make beautiful patterns. For children all ages. Leader: Romi Byrd

Nature Walk

Explore a nearby natural area along the canal and Potomac River, learn about a unique stewardship project of this beautiful spot, and focus on wildflowers, trees, birds and history. We’ll be carpooling to the canal from RRUUC. Participants need to be able to walk 1.5 miles on some uneven ground. Leader: Joe Saliunas

Session 2: 10:50-12:00

Make Your Own (Miniature) Hot Air Balloon

In a fun science/craft activity we will make (and fly!) our own hot-air balloons with plastic bags and birthday candles. Children 5-10 are welcome with an adult; adults and youth are welcome even without children. Leader: Hugh Abrams-Helde

Mindfulness Meditation

Learn about and experience mindfulness meditation. Through sound, breathing, visualization, and movement we'll learn how to get a bit of peace in a crazy overwhelming world. For school age children through adults. Leader: Linda Ryden

The New World Order Under Trump

Journalist Tim Phelps takes a look at the impact of Trump on world affairs, in particular the Middle East, Russia and North Korea, as well as the special counsel investigation into his Russia ties and what it may mean for the future.

Yoga for kids

Gather on the lawn for a kid-friendly yoga practice. For children all ages. Leader: Romi Byrd

Session 3: 1:30-2:40

Drumming Workshop

Percussionist, teacher, and activist Kristen Arant will lead two sessions of a drumming workshop for ages 8 through adults. Kristen has developed her own curriculum, called Drumming Empowerment, and teaches West African djembe, dun-un and bell playing techniques along with traditional West African rhythms and songs, including cultural reference. She also teaches her own compositions and arrangements, and is skilled in creating group compositions using guided improvisation. Some drums will be provided; or bring your own hand drum.

Making a Cruelty-Free Home

Choices that we make when selecting products for cleaning, cooking, and personal care can make a difference for animals. In this workshop we will use a game and discussion to learn how to read labels and wade through the sometimes-confusing marketing messages in the supermarket. You can vote with your dollars for a more compassionate world! For adults and children with an adult. Leaders: RRUUC Animal Ministry Task Force

Puppetry and Storytelling

Explore the stories of Dr. Seuss and Leo Lionni through reading, role playing, and self-decorated hand puppets. For all ages through 5th grade. Leader: Stuart Weinstein

Decorate our Little Free Library

Come to the arts and crafts station to decorate RRUUC’s new lending library to share books with our neighbors. For all ages. Leader: Loretta Garcia

Intergenerational Collage Poetry

We’ll build a poem together with words on index cards a la magnetic poetry, and also using objects rebus-style. We'll talk about how choices in building a poem can help us find our own ways to understand poems built by others. For ages 3-103. Leader: Heidi Mordhorst

Kickball Game

We’ll take a short walk to Merrimac Park for a fun-in-the-sun activity - a kickball game featuring two teams with a mix of teen and adults. Leader: Ilir Zherka

Session 4: 2:50-4:00


Especially for younger children, take a break for some quiet stories and rest time.

Beading Workshop

Make bracelets with beads of all sorts of shapes and colors. All equipment will be provided but feel free to bring your own materials if you’d like. All ages are welcome (including mature children). Leader: Melody Chen