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Verizon Fix

Sometimes Verizon will label all email from RRUUC as spam.  To get your email from RRUUC, you will need to do two things.  First have spam put into a folder rather than automatically deleted, and second mark all email from rruuc.org as not spam.  The following two screen captures show the steps.

To do Step one, you need to be logged into your verizon web email account.


1) Click on "Settings"

2) Click on "Email Settings"

3) Click on "Spam Detector"

4) Click on "Save Spam in the Spam Detector folder"

The final step is to enter a rule to mark RRUUC email as not spam.

1) Click on "Settings"

2) Click on "Contains"

3) Enter "rruuc.org" in the text box next to contains

4) Click on "Save"