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Adult Learning Opportunites

 No experience is ever finished or exhausted.  

New and fresh meanings are forever in the world and in us.  

The whole process of being within something, being within ourselves,

Being within others, and correlating these outer and inner experiences

And meaning is infinite, endless and eternal.  

This is the beauty of knowledge and discovery.  

It keeps us forever awake, alive and connected with what is

And with what matters in life.

— Dr. Clark Moustakas

                  co-founder of the Assn for Humanistic Psychology


Herein lie opportunities to combine 'new and fresh meanings' —  places, programs and people adding or creating context to opinions and readings, sermons and stories heard and experienced daily. On these next pages are opportunities to discover how unique theological underpinnings have combined and evolved into Unitarian Universalism; or a chance to ponder the meaning of religious experience or to feel and reflect in the joy of each other's company. 

The following pages detail our adult (or multigenerational) spiritual growth opportunities dedicated to fulfilling RRUUC’s vision of Fellowship, Spirit and Service. 

  • Small Groups, more than 6 or less than 12 people that covenant to meet once a month for the congregational year. No Fee.
  • Adult or Multigenerational Classes/Learning opportunities that are distinct, mostly shorter term engagements exploring a specific topic and following a scripted lesson plan. Includes classes or opportunities offered outside of RRUUC purview but which meet our mission.   Fee-based.
  • Coffee, Conversation and Controversy meets on Sunday morning to explore issues of the day.  No fee.
  • Bookstore is open after each service in Fellowship Hall and carries books related to learning at RRUUC.