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Coffee, Conversation & Controversy

River Road's Contemporary Issues Forum meets October to May between services at 10:20 AM in the Fireside Room.  The program is often referred to as CC&C (Coffee, Conversation & Controversy). The forum features speakers on a variety of topics of current interest, with an opportunity for brief discussion. Childcare is available. Questions about the program can be sent to Info-CC&C@rruuc.org.

September 15th, 2019
"Understanding Sectarianism in Islam: Past and Present"
Sumaiya Hamdani, George Mason University

Reporting on current events in the Middle East and other parts of the Islamic world would seem to indicate that age-old hostility between Sunni and Shia have erupted into the many civil wars, conflicts, and humanitarian tragedies afflicting these regions today. Dr. Hamdani will unpack some of these conflicts in an effort to explore to what degree they are caused by a history of religious disagreements within Islam. In other words, is sectarian conflict endemic and inevitable in Islam? Or is sectarian conflict in Islam today the result of nation-state politics and imperial interventions?

September 22nd, 2019
"50+: Vital Living through Volunteering"
Gretchen Zekiel, Montgomery County Volunteer Center

Are you 50+ and looking for help to find how your career skills can benefit our larger community by volunteering help with a local nonprofit? Ms. Zekiel, Senior Fellow, will describe how the Montgomery County Volunteer Center utilizes its rich resources for exploring numerous volunteer opportunities. the 50+ Volunteer Network offers personal consultations and on-going guidance in finding an opportunity thatís the right fit, plus examples of actual volunteer experiences with the Countyís diverse range local nonprofits.