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Past Speakers

May 26th, 2019: Trends in Family Leave Policies: What’s New?
   Sade Moonsammy, Director of Strategic Planning and Operations & Rachel Mannino, Development Director, Family Values @ Work (Abstract)

May 19th, 2019: Promoting Cultural Competence in Our Schools
   Karla Silvestre, MC Board of Education (Abstract)

May 12th, 2019: Women of La Clinica del Pueblo
   Catalina Sol, LCDP Executive Director (Abstract)

May 5th, 2019: Opioids, Cannabis & Alcohol: Treatments for Our Brain’s Addictions
   George Kolodner, M.D., Kolmac Outpatient Recovery Centers (Abstract)

April 28th, 2019: Resonance Matters
   Brock Holmes, Teacher, Lecturer, RRUUC Member (Abstract)

April 21st, 2019: Women Rising! Women are the Hope of our Future
   Joanne Grady Huskey, Author (Abstract)

April 14th, 2019: Environmental Justice and Climate Change
   Robin Lewis, Environmental Justice Outreach Specialist (Abstract)

April 7th, 2019: NIH’s Alternative Medical Approaches for Low Back Pain
   Dr. Josh Berman (Ret.) Center for Alternative Medicine, NIH (Abstract)

March 31st, 2019: Disability Rights: The Heumann Perspective
   Judith Heumann, Senior Fellow, Ford Foundation (Abstract)

March 24th, 2019: Insights into Local Central American Communities
   Dennis Stinchcomb, AU Latin American/Latino Studies (Abstract)

March 17th, 2019: Forgiveness as a Key to Successful Relationships
   Regina DeMeo, Lawyer, Writer & Media Commentator (Abstract)

March 10th, 2019: More College Access for Women Abroad: Why We Should Care
   Heather MacCleoud & Fadima Savadogo, Asherah Foundation (Abstract)

March 3rd, 2019: No Forum Today
   Legacy Sunday! (Abstract)

February 24th, 2019: Thurgood Marshall: Path to Brown v. Board of Education
   Spencer Crew, Robinson Prof., George Mason Univ. (Abstract)

February 17th, 2019: Exciting New Treatments of Diseases- Caution Recommended
   Robert Hoover, M.D., Sc.D., National Cancer Institute (Abstract)

February 10th, 2019: A Mad Love: An Introduction to Opera
   Vivien Schweitzer, pianist, former New York Times music critic (Abstract)

February 3rd, 2019: Prospects for Dialogue on the Korean Peninsula
   Thomas Hubbard, former US Ambassador to S. Korea (Abstract)

January 27th, 2019: Temples of Democracy: A Historian’s Perspective
   Steve Livengood, US Capitol Historical Society (Abstract)

January 20th, 2019: The Business and Moral Case for a Harassment-free Workplace
   Kurt Nemes, Co-Founder, Working with Respect, LLC (Abstract)

January 13th, 2019: Our Support to Refugees
   Lual Mayen and La Clinica Representatives (Abstract)

January 6th, 2019: Daughters of the Dream: Growing Up Black in the South
   Tamara Copeland, Author & President of Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers (WRAG) (Abstract)

December 16th, 2018: Hospice and Palliative Care: Who Needs Which?
   Hank Willner, MD, Chief Medical Director and Palliative Care Consultant for Holy Cross Home Care and Hospice (Abstract)

December 9th, 2018: Standing Up for our Families and Our Future
   Danielle Meitiv, Climate Scientist & “Free-Range Mom” (Abstract)

December 2nd, 2018: Local Faith Groups to Work Against Climate Change
   Walter Weiss, RRUUC Environmental Task Force (Abstract)

November 25th, 2018: How Do We Build Peace to Reduce Conflict?
   Kim Weichel, Rotary Peace Fellow, Citizen Diplomat (Abstract)

November 18th, 2018: U.S.Blunders in the Middle East: The Trump Effect
   Mel Goodman, Professor and former CIA Officer (Abstract)

November 11th, 2018: Dramatic Presentation of Einstein’s Loyal Secretary
   Candace Ridington, Character Performer (Abstract)

November 4th, 2018: Resonance Matters for You – A First Step
   Brock Holmes, Teacher, Lecturer & RRUUC member (Abstract)

October 28th, 2018: No Forum
   Bazaar set-up (Abstract)

October 21st, 2018: Cybersecurity of US Elections: Where Do We Stand?
   Dr. David Mussington – University of Maryland (Abstract)

October 14th, 2018: Architecture & American Character of the Wild West (Part 2)
   John Vorhes, Industrial/Architectural Designer (Retired) (Abstract)

October 7th, 2018: Architecture & American Character of the Wild West (Part 1)
   John Vorhes, Industrial/Architectural Designer (Retired) (Abstract)

September 30th, 2018: National Security Challenges Facing the Trump Administration
   Peter Wilson, Adjunct Researcher, RAND Corp (Abstract)

September 23rd, 2018: Bitcoin, Cybercurrencies, and Blockchain
   Warren Coats, Retired IMF economist (Abstract)

September 16th, 2018: Understanding Artificial Intelligence (AI)
   Sheldon Hochberg, Attorney (Retired) (Abstract)

May 20th, 2018: U.S.-Latin American Relations in an ‘America First” Moment
   Lisa Haugaard, E.D. Latin America Working Group (Abstract)

May 13th, 2018: Has the 1st Amendment Become a Threat to Freedom?
   Tim Schick – The NewGuild Administrative Director (Abstract)

May 6th, 2018: Exploring Risks to our Nation’s Cyber-Infrastructures and Our Personal Data Files
   Robert Miller, Ph.D (Retired – National Defense Univ.) (Abstract)

April 29th, 2018: Rachel Carson’s Legacy: Environmental Justice for Today
   Bob Musil – Pres. of Rachel Carson Council (RRC) (Abstract)

April 22nd, 2018: Cultivating Inner Wisdom to Discern Truth from Illusion
    Carol Richardson, MDiv, MPH - Author & Life Coach (Abstract)

April 15th, 2018: Reflections on RRUUC’s Pilgrimage to the Khasi Hills
   RRUUC Partner Church Committee & Friends (Abstract)

April 8th, 2018: The New Russia: Perspectives from 4 Visiting Russians
   Four guests from Russia (Abstract)

April 1st, 2018: Death with Dignity in Maryland
   Alexa Fraser, Ministerial Intern (Abstract)

March 25th, 2018: “A Plant-Based Diet: Healthier for You & the Planet”
    Dr. James Loomis – Director of Barnard Medical Center (Abstract)

March 18th, 2018: Youth Voices Matter: Immigration and Police Accountability
    Evan Glass, E.D. of Gandhi Brigade Youth Media (Abstract)

March 11th, 2018: France and the Dreyfus Affair
   Margery Elfin, Author & History Chair, Hood College (Abstract)

March 4th, 2018: No CC&C

February 25th, 2018: A Multi-Faith Complex World Needs Resilient Leaders
   Jerry White - Professor & past State Dep’t Official (Abstract)

February 18th, 2018: Overview of the Many Programs Offered by our Neighbor, NIH
   Marina Volkov, PhD. (Abstract)

February 11th, 2018: No CC&C

February 4th, 2018: “Ethical Dilemmas in Wildlife Rehabilitation”
   Jim Monsma – Director of Second Chance Wildlife Center (Abstract)

January 21st, 2018: Nurturing Leadership in Africa: Success Stories
   Gbenga Ogunjimi – Founder of LDI Africa & GoGlobal, Inc. (Abstract)

January 14th, 2018: “How Can a Human Being Be Illegal?”
   Alicia Wilson- Exec. Dir. La Clinica del Pueblo (Abstract)

January 7th, 2018: Mental Health Initiative of the UndocuBlack Networ
   Yannick Diouf and Gabrielle Jackson (Abstract)

December 17th, 2017: I am Varina Davis
   Candace Ridington (Abstract)

December 10th, 2017: Insights on America's Political Past & Future
   Carlos Lozada – Washington Post’s Book Reviewer (Abstract)

December 3rd, 2017: Maryland Powered by the Sun and Wind
   Vincent Demarco and Jamie Demarco, MD Clean Energy Jobs Initiative (Abstract)

November 26th, 2017: Seeds of Disruption: the Future of Food
   Bruce Friedrich-Executive Director of the Good Food Institute   (Abstract)

November 19th, 2017: A Rising Tide for Single-Payer Health Care?
   James McGee – Certified Employee Benefits Specialist (CEBS) (Abstract)

November 12th, 2017: Witness vs. Advocacy: What’s needed in Modern American Policy Making
   Pablo De Jesus, Pres. UUSJ (Abstract)

October 22nd, 2017: Teaching Children Peace
   Linda Ryden (Abstract)

October 15th, 2017: Solution or Problem? Inter-religious Action in Humanitarian Crises
   Katherine Marshall (Abstract)

October 8th, 2017: The Grandeur of the Grand Canyon and the Challenges Facing It and Other National Parks
   Jane Lyder (Abstract)

October 1st, 2017: Politics & Prose’s Formula of Resilience & Independence
   Bradley Graham – Co-owner (Abstract)

September 24th, 2017: History of Richmond, VA
   Brian Burns (author) (Abstract)

September 17th, 2017: North Korea's nuclear weapons and the Eurasian Crisis
   Peter Wilson (Abstract)

May 21st, 2017: Legalizing Marijuana in Maryland
   Kate Bell, Legislative Counsel for Marijuana Policy Project (Abstract)

May 14th, 2017: Helping Syrian Refugees
   Maggie Forster Schmitz, VP, American Near East Refugee Aid (Abstract)

May 7th, 2017: Earliest Links of Spiritual Consciousness in Prehistoric Art
   Ahmed Achrati, Ph.D. - Adj. Faculty, Howard County C.C. (Abstract)

April 30th, 2017: Progress Against Great Odds: 30 yrs of RRUUC/LATN Solidarity
   Francisco Ramirez, Don Chery, Charlotte Carroll, L Garcia (Abstract)

April 23rd, 2017: Internet Security
   Robert Miller, former Deputy Director, US Infrastructure Off (Abstract)

April 16th, 2017: Not the Cleaver Family: The New Normal in Modern American Families
   Maria Leonard Olsen, attorney, author and new RRUUC member (Abstract)

April 9th, 2017: Democracy, Human Rights & Media Freedom in Turkey:Challenges
   Rashid Telbisoglu - Director, Rumi Forum (Abstract)

April 2nd, 2017: The Name of God:Should it be Exclaimed, Reclaimed or Buried?
   The God Panel: Messrs Spiro, Skocz, Younis and Harding (Abstract)

March 26th, 2017: The Social Costs of Mismanaging Europe's Debt Crisis
   Ajai Chopra - Retired IMF official (Abstract)

March 19th, 2017: The Art of Diplomacy: Engaging Religious and Civil Society
   Peter Kovach, Retired - US State Dept.; Minister-Counselor (Abstract)

March 12th, 2017: Fracking in Maryland: A Discussion With Earthjustice
   Gordon Sommers, Attorney, Earthjustice Washington, DC office (Abstract)

February 26th, 2017: Dangers To & Defense Of Freedom of the Press
   Laura Handman, Media Law & Free Speech Attorney (Abstract)

February 19th, 2017: A Year in Rock Creek Park: A Journey Through The Seasons
   Melanie Choukas-Bradley, Author, Naturalist & Teacher (Abstract)

February 12th, 2017: The Invisible Violence Against Native Women
   Riayn Fergins, writer, activist and independent filmmaker (Abstract)

February 5th, 2017: How Cooperatives Build Community in the U.S.
   Damilola Odetola, VP Relationships, National Cooperative Bank (Abstract)

January 29th, 2017: Death As A Teacher: Always Too Soon Until It's Too Late
   Virginia Cheung, Wells Fargo Wealth Planning Mgr. & Sr. VP (Abstract)

January 22nd, 2017: No More Helen Keller Jokes: Stories on Disabilities
   Anne B.Thomas, Writer, Speaker, Master Storyteller (Abstract)

January 15th, 2017: The Presidential Transition: An Evaluation
   Kathryn Tenpas, Brookings Institution (Abstract)

January 8th, 2017: The Spirituality of Czech Leader Vaclav Havel
   David Walsh, PhD, Political Philosophy, Catholic U (Abstract)

December 18th, 2016: Resettling and Hosting Refugee Families
   Kati Miller Holland, Lutheran Social Services Nat'l Cap Area (Abstract)

December 11th, 2016: Your True Stories - More Essential Than Ever Before
   Carolyn LoBuglio & Members of RRUUC Spiritual Storytelling (Abstract)

November 20th, 2016: We Must Integrate Muslims, Not Simply Bomb ISIS
   Amb. Akbar Ahmed, Ibn Khaldun Chair Islamic Stud., Amer U (Abstract)

November 13th, 2016: Two River Road Citizen Diplomats Share their Life Stories
   Joanne Huskey and Kim Weichel, RRUUC Members and Authors (Abstract)

November 6th, 2016: My Dear Little Gravity: A Visit With Livy Clemons
   Candace Ridington (RRUUC member) Portrait Dramatist (Abstract)

October 30th, 2016: 21st Century Policing:Challenges and Opportunities
   Darryl McSwain, Assistant Chief of Police, Montgomery County (Abstract)

October 23rd, 2016: Eurasian Four Ring Circus and War Against Salafist Jihadism
   Peter Wilson, Adjunct Sr. Nat'l Security Analyst, Rand Corp (Abstract)

October 16th, 2016: Strategic Plan to Achieve Food Security in Montgomery County
   Daniel Hoffman, Chief Innovation Officer Montgomery County (Abstract)

October 9th, 2016: Feel the Burn of Neighborhood Sun
   Gary Skulnik, Founder and Owner of Neighborhood Sun (Abstract)

October 2nd, 2016: Runaway Fears and Appetites in American Politics
   William F. May Retired Professor of Ethics (Abstract)

   Don Bliss, US Amb. (ret.) to the Int\'l Civil Aviation Org. (Abstract)

September 18th, 2016: The School for Anybody and Everybody: Montgomery College
   Bob Levey, Trustee, Montgomery College (Abstract)

May 22nd, 2016: UU/Jewish Young Adult Witness of Israel-Palestine
   Rosie Cohen, RRUUC Young Adult (Abstract)

May 15th, 2016: Social Entrepreneurs & Economic Justice-- Wave of the Future
   Kimberley Jutze, Chief Change Architect, Shifting Patterns (Abstract)

May 8th, 2016: Don\'t photoshop me! Self-Image and the Barbie Complex
   Alyscia Cunningham, photographer, author, and speaker (Abstract)

May 1st, 2016: The Role of Palliative Care in Coping with Serious Illness
   Hank Willner, M.D. (Abstract)

April 24th, 2016: Reducing Storm Water Runoff in the Chesapeake Bay
   Emily Stransky, Program Officer, Chesapeake Bay Trust (Abstract)

   Laurie Duker, Founder, CEO, of Court Watch Montgomery (Abstract)

April 10th, 2016: Everything That Is, Is Alive
   Dana Robinson, Faculty, Foundation for Shamanic Studies (Abstract)

April 3rd, 2016: Chocolate and Fair Trade
   Amy Riolo (Best-selling Author, Chef, Cuisine and Culture Expert, Television Personality) (Abstract)

March 27th, 2016: Poet Emily Dickinson Portrayed in Costume
   Candice Ridington (Abstract)

March 20th, 2016: Community Food Rescue: Let’s feed more and waste less!
   Cheryl Kollin, Program Director of Community Food Rescue (Abstract)

March 13th, 2016: Transit and Economic Justice in a Changing Montgomery County
   Pete Tomao Mntgy Cty Advocacy Mgr, Coaltn for Smarter Growth (Abstract)

February 28th, 2016: Who Owns the Past? An Antiquities Debate
   James Fitzpatrick, Attorney Lecturer, Georgetown Law School (Abstract)

February 21st, 2016: CANCELLED: Can We Mend the Broken Branch of Government?
   Connie Morella, former MD Congresswoman (Abstract)

February 14th, 2016: Why Ideas about Manhood Matter and How We Can Change Them
   Gary Barker, PhD - International Director, Promundo (Abstract)

February 7th, 2016: How Corporate Governance Might Save The World
   Nell Minow, Author, Lawyer, Corporate Governance Activist (Abstract)

January 31st, 2016: Protecting Your Bank Account From Unauthorized Charges
   Lauren Saunders, Assoc. Dir., National Consumer Law Center (Abstract)

January 17th, 2016: Bringing Caring Concern to Immigrant Detainees
   Erin Hustings, Co-Founder, DC Detention Visitation Network (Abstract)

December 20th, 2015: Preventing Violent Extremism in Vulnerable Youth
   Nouf Bazaz, International Cultural Center, Crossroads Program, Montgomery County (Abstract)

December 13th, 2015: Planning the Hubble and Other Satellites
   Nancy Grace Roman, NASA’s First Chief of Astronomy (Abstract)

November 22nd, 2015: Hope for the Future:Israeli and Palestinian Millenials in DC
   Paul Costello, founder, New Story Leadership (Abstract)

November 15th, 2015: Living Kidney Donation, a Gift of Life
   Christine Zuttermeister, RN, BA, Living Donor Advocate (Abstract)

November 8th, 2015: How to Support Black Lives Matter Movement in Maryland
   Kerridwen Henry, Coord.,UU Black Lives Matter, Metro Area (Abstract)

November 1st, 2015: The Eurasian Five Ring Circus-Multiple and Simultaneous Cri
   Peter Wilson, RRUUC member, Adjunct Professor at Georgetown (Abstract)

October 25th, 2015: Understanding the U.S. Defense Budget
   Todd Harrison, Director of Defense Budget Analysis at CSIS (Abstract)

October 18th, 2015: Do Not Stand Idly By-While Your Neighbor's Blood is Shed
   Katie Ashmore, Associate AIM Organizer (Abstract)

October 11th, 2015: The Affordable Housing Crisis in Montgomery County
   Rob Goldman, CEO Montgomery Housing Partnership (Abstract)

October 4th, 2015: Multigenerational Service Project in West Virginia
   Beth Irikura, Religious Educator for Youth, and project participants (Abstract)

September 27th, 2015: A Plan to Fix America's Corrupt Political System
   Organizer of Represent Us (Abstract)

September 20th, 2015: Dealing With Poverty in Our Own Backyard
   Dr. Mark Bergel, Ph.D., Founder of A Wider Circle (Abstract)

August 11th, 2015: Black Lives Matter--From Ferguson to Maryland
   Kerridwen Henry, Columbia Unitarian Universalist Church (Abstract)

May 3rd, 2015: Increasing Your Life's Resonance
   Brock Holmes (Abstract)

April 26th, 2015: Suicide Terrorism: Competing Explanations and Implications
   Ivan Sheehan, Assoc Prof Publ & Intl Affairs, U. Baltimore (Abstract)

April 19th, 2015: Mind and Evolution
   Tim Beardsley, Editor of Bioscience (Abstract)

April 12th, 2015: Human Rights and Climate Change
   Daniel Magraw, Pres., Center for Int'l Environmental Law (Abstract)

April 5th, 2015: Louisa May Alcott: The Little Woman Who Grew Up
   Candace Ridington (Abstract)

March 29th, 2015: A Dialogue About Islam in America and The World
    Lubna Qureshi, Cross Cultural educator & Alex Kronemer, CEO (Abstract)

March 22nd, 2015: Hope House – Reconnecting Dads in Prison and Their Children
   Carol Fennelly, Community Activist, Hope House Founder (Abstract)

March 15th, 2015: Kill Chain: The Road to Assassination
   Andrew Cockburn, author and Washington Editor of Harper's (Abstract)

March 8th, 2015: Status of Juvenile Justice Reform in D.C.
   Rebecca Troth (Abstract)

March 1st, 2015: CANCELLED TODAY Hope House
   Carol Fennelly, Community Activist, Hope House Founder (Abstract)

February 22nd, 2015: RRUUC Youth Service Learning Trip to West Virginia
   RRUUC Youth Group Members & Beth Irikura (Abstract)

February 15th, 2015: Who Stole the American Dream?
   Hedrick Smith, former N.Y. Times reporter/editor (Abstract)

February 8th, 2015: The Magnificent Mughals: A Legacy of Pluralism
   Zeenut Ziad (Abstract)

February 1st, 2015: Harry S. Truman - Not an Accidental President?
   Carl Meacham, Prof. Emer. of Political Science SUNY-Oneonta (Abstract)

January 25th, 2015: The C&O Canal National Historical Park: Local Gem of History
   Michael C. Mitchell, Chair of the C&O Canal Trust (Abstract)

January 18th, 2015: Granting Full Autonomy at the End of Life
   Rosalind Kipping, Compassion & Choices (Abstract)

January 4th, 2015: Aiming for 100 (and Getting There)
   Sallie Toney (Abstract)

December 21st, 2014: The Next Revolution in Humanitarian Aid
   Monika Blaumueller, RRUUC member (Abstract)

December 14th, 2014: Challenges for Immigrant Clients of La Clinica del Pueblo
   Alicia Wilson, Executive Director of La Clinica (Abstract)

December 7th, 2014: No CC&C
   Due to Bazaar Clean Up (Abstract)

November 30th, 2014: NO CC&C
   Canceled due to Bazaar (Abstract)

November 23rd, 2014: The Power of Civic Engagement
   Ilir Zherka, Director, National Conference on Citizenship (Abstract)

November 16th, 2014: Ecumenical Efforts to Fight Anti-Muslim Bigotry
   Catherine Orsborn, Campaign Director of Shoulder-to-Shoulder (Abstract)

November 9th, 2014: The Eurasian Five Ring Circus & Other Challenges for Obama
   Peter A. Wilson, Senior Analyst at the Rand Corporation (Abstract)

November 2nd, 2014: The Generosity Path: Finding the Richness in Giving
   Mark Ewert, author and professional fundraising consultant (Abstract)

October 26th, 2014: Protecting Refugee Children at our Border
   Jose Antonio Tijerino, CEO Hispanic Heritage Foundation (Abstract)

October 19th, 2014: Unjust Enrichment and Inequality
   Richard F. America, Georgetown University Business School (Abstract)

October 12th, 2014: Resonance Pioneers
   Brock Holmes (Abstract)

October 5th, 2014: Candidate Without a Prayer
   Herb Silverman, author and journalist (Abstract)

September 28th, 2014: Coded Letters, Concealed Love
   Sara Day, author (Abstract)

September 21st, 2014: UNSTOPPABLE
   Ralph Nader, author and political activist (Abstract)

September 14th, 2014: Economic Development in the Middle East: Working Toward Peac
   Jim Pickup, President of the Middle East Investment Initiati (Abstract)

May 18th, 2014: Report of the Senate Intelligence Committee on Torture
   Linda Gustitus, President of NRCAT (Abstract)

May 11th, 2014: Let's Create a Powerful Movement!
   Jean Athey, Chair, Montgomery Peace Action (Abstract)

May 4th, 2014: Paul Ehrlich's Human Predicament: Can Collapse Be Avoided?
   Tim Beardsley, Editor in Chief of BioScience (Abstract)

April 27th, 2014: The Life And Times of Holy Intent
   Carla Woody, founder of Kenosis Spirit Keepers, Arizona (Abstract)

April 20th, 2014: Putin's Crimean Gamble: Prelude to a Second Cold War?:
   Peter A. Wilson, Senior Analyst at the Rand Corporation (Abstract)

April 13th, 2014: The Resonance of Subtle Energy
   Brock Holmes (Abstract)

April 6th, 2014: US Housing Finance:The History,The Crisis, What Lies Ahead
   Mark Hanson, Sr. VP, Securitization, Freddie Mac (Abstract)

March 30th, 2014: Communicating Change:Views of an Asian Foreign Correspondent
   Don Southerland, Executive Editor of Radio Free Asia (Abstract)

March 23rd, 2014: Sacred Humanism Without Miracles: The New Atheism
   Roy Saltman, author (Abstract)

March 16th, 2014: Come Share Our Pride in Beacon House
   Rev. Don Robinson (Abstract)

March 9th, 2014: America's Great Debate: Clay vs. Douglas
   Fergus Bordewich, award-winning author and historian (Abstract)

March 2nd, 2014: Concerned Citizens Against Gun Violence
   Maggie Rheinstein & Jim Lynch (Abstract)

February 23rd, 2014: Frederick Douglass House
   John Muller (Abstract)

February 16th, 2014: Survivor's Journey: A Story of Courage and Healing
   Susan Beilby Magee (Abstract)

February 9th, 2014: Civil Rights Revisited: Unfinished Business

February 9th, 2014: The Challenges Ahead After the Mid-Term Election
   Peter A. Wilson, Senior Analyst at the Rand Corporation (Abstract)

February 2nd, 2014: Restaurant Workers Rights
   Jeremiah Lowery, Policy Director ROC DC (Abstract)

January 26th, 2014: Highway Safety Controversies
   Allan F. Williams, Ph.D. (Abstract)

January 19th, 2014: The Keystone XL Pipeline: A Canadian Perspective
   Catherine Godin, Section Head, Canadian Embassy to the U.S. (Abstract)

January 12th, 2014: Reforming Sentencing Mandatory Minimums
   Julie Stewart, President and Founder, Mandatory Minimums (Abstract)

January 5th, 2014: Drug Cost Tradeoff in America
   Art Slesinger (Abstract)

December 29th, 2013: NO CC&C--New Year's Break
   there will be no CC&C (Abstract)

December 22nd, 2013: Significance of the New Iranian Rapprochement
   Tim Phelps, Journalist, Middle East Expert (Abstract)

December 15th, 2013: Is There A Path To A New America?
   Prof. Gar Alperovitz, University of Maryland (Abstract)

December 8th, 2013: No CC&C Due to Bazaar

December 1st, 2013: No CC&C Due to Bazaar

November 24th, 2013: Voices From El Salvador's Next Generation
   Ivan J.M. Villasboa, Executive Director COCODA (Abstract)

November 17th, 2013: Children's Brains: Ripe for Addiction
   Dr. Joseph Frascella (Abstract)

November 10th, 2013: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
   Suzanne D. Vernon, PhD (Abstract)

November 3rd, 2013: Burning Man in the Nevadan Desert
   Bill Pugh (Abstract)

October 27th, 2013: Recent Challenges to Our National Security under Obama
   Peter Wilson, Rand Corp. (Abstract)

October 20th, 2013: Conscientious Objection: Absolute (All Wars) or Selective?
   Rev. Dr. George Clifford, U.S. Navy Chaplain, Ret. (Abstract)

October 13th, 2013: FDR and the Jews: Resolving the Controversy
   Allan J.Lichtman, PhD., Distinguished Professor at AU (Abstract)

October 6th, 2013: Resonance Matters
   Brock Holmes (Abstract)

September 29th, 2013: Expanding Our Theme of Belonging: RRUUC Youth Group Presents
   Rosie Cohen, and the River Rd. Youth Group (Abstract)

September 22nd, 2013: Water Security: What's Ahead for Montgomery County?
   Marc Elrich, Montgomery County Councilman (Abstract)

September 15th, 2013: National Insecurity: The Cost of American Militarism
   Mel Goodman, Professor of Government @ Johns Hopkins (Abstract)

May 26th, 2013: Bach: The Fifth Suite as Written
   Charlie Powers, cellist (Abstract)

May 19th, 2013: Second RRUUC Town Hall (replaces CC&C)
   RRUUC Board of Trustees (Abstract)

May 12th, 2013: Hubble Art and How Computers Have Changed Astronomy
   Nancy Grace Roman, PhD (Abstract)

May 5th, 2013: Media Polarization and Mistrust in Modern US Politics
   Jonathan Ladd, LL B (Abstract)

April 28th, 2013: Town Hall Meeting
   Board of Trustees, Finance Committee, and Leadership & Nominations Members (Abstract)

April 21st, 2013: What Works in Correctional Rehabilitation and Management
   Stefan LoBuglio, Chief, Pre-Release/ Reentry Serv, Mont Cty (Abstract)

April 14th, 2013: Women Fishers in Laos: Preserving a Biodiversity Treasure
   Charlotte Moser (Abstract)

April 7th, 2013: Women In Journalism: Politics and Persistence
   Maurine H. Beasley, Professor of Journalism at the U. of Md. (Abstract)

March 31st, 2013: No CC&C-Easter
   No speaker (Abstract)

March 24th, 2013: The Meyerhoff Scholars Program
   Janet Rutledge, PhD, Dean of the Graduate School at the Univ (Abstract)

March 17th, 2013: Creating Poetry with Myra Sklarew
   Myra Sklarew (Abstract)

March 10th, 2013: Religious Liberty Today
   Daniel Mach, Director, ACLU Program on Freedom of Religion (Abstract)

March 3rd, 2013: Love at The End of Life
   Phyllis Langton, RN, PhD, Professor Emerita, Sociology, GWU (Abstract)

February 24th, 2013: Prolonged Prison Solitary Confinement: Stain on US Justice
   Amy Fettig, Counsel to the ACLU'sNational Prison Project (Abstract)

February 17th, 2013: Music: A Perspective from Evolution and the Brain
   Jay Schulkin, Ph.D. (Abstract)

February 10th, 2013: The New Approach to Consumer Financial Protection
   Peggy Twohig, Asst Director for Supervision Policy, CFPB (Abstract)

February 3rd, 2013: Neighbors Help Neighbors Age in Place
   Andrew Mollison, President, Wash. Area Villages Exchange (Abstract)

January 27th, 2013: Arbitrary Justice: The Power of the American Prosecutor
   Prof. Angela J. Davis, American University School of Law (Abstract)

January 20th, 2013: Roots Hold Me Close:Transylvanian Unitarian Partnership
   Rev. Ade'l Nagy, Balazs Scholar at Starr King UU Seminary (Abstract)

January 13th, 2013: The Federal Fiscal Situation: What It Will Take To Solve It
   Joan Huffer, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (Abstract)

January 6th, 2013: UUSC: Meaningful Intervention Around the World
   Tricia Tice, Rosie Cohen, Jamey Harman (Abstract)

December 30th, 2012: No CC&C

December 23rd, 2012: No CC&C

December 16th, 2012: On Emily Dickinson: Dwelling in Possibilities
   Eleanor Elson Heginbotham, PhD (Abstract)

December 9th, 2012: PBS and the Election of 2012
   Peggy Robinson, senior producer of PBS Newshour (Abstract)

December 2nd, 2012: No CC&C
   Bazaar Clean-up (Abstract)

November 25th, 2012: No CC&C
   Bazaar Set-up (Abstract)

November 18th, 2012: National Security Crises Facing the Second Obama Term
   Peter A. Wilson, Senior Consultant to the Rand Corporation (Abstract)

November 11th, 2012: Water For Life
   Ambassador John W. McDonald, (ret.) (Abstract)

November 4th, 2012: Criminal Justice Issues in Montgomery County
   John McCarthy, Montgomery County State's Attorney (Abstract)

October 28th, 2012: One of the Best (not so) Small Charities in the Region
   Dr. John Kleiderer, Director of Mercy Health Clinic, Gaithersburg, MD (Abstract)

October 21st, 2012: Whistleblowers: The Role of the U.S. Office of Special Counsel
   Carol Lerner, Office of Special Counsel (Abstract)

October 14th, 2012: Social Enterprise: Transforming Communities Through Business
   Andy Shallal, founder and owner of Busboys and Poets (Abstract)

October 7th, 2012: New Thinking about Addiction, Brain Function and the Effect of Neuroscience on Drug Treatment
   Dr. Joseph Frascella, National Institute on Drug Abuse at the National Institutes of Health (Abstract)

September 30th, 2012: Nov. 2012: The Tipping Point for Marriage Equality?
   Marty Rouse, National Field Director, Human Rights Campaign (Abstract)

September 23rd, 2012: The Dream Act
   Hans Riemer, Montgomery County Council Member (Abstract)

September 16th, 2012: The Last Great Senate
   Ira Shapiro, International Trade Lawyer, Washington, DC (Abstract)

May 27th, 2012: Bach: From Practice to Performance
   Charlie Powers, Cellist (Abstract)

May 20th, 2012: Pakistan-USA: Terms of Endearment
   Hamid Aziz (Abstract)

May 13th, 2012: Plan B for Corporations: Challenging the Industrial-Electoral Complex and Building Benefit Corporations
   Senator Jamie Raskin, MD, District 20 (Abstract)

May 6th, 2012: L'Enfant, Washington DC, and Essential Dilemmas of Democracy
   Steve Livengood, of the US Capitol Historical Society (Abstract)


April 22nd, 2012: Social Media for the Curious: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+
   Elizabeth Buie, Consultant (Abstract)

April 15th, 2012: Image and Imagination: Vision and Light in Art
   Ralph Bunday, retired Montgomery County School teacher (Abstract)

April 8th, 2012: No CC&C
   Happy Easter (Abstract)

April 1st, 2012: Defending 'Terrorists'
   Kenneth P. Troccoli, Esq. (Abstract)

March 25th, 2012: Linda Pastan: Poetry: Reading and Discussion
   Linda Pastan (Abstract)

March 18th, 2012: Aging and End-of-Life Medical and Legal Issues
   Hank Willner, M.D., and Aidan Jones, J.D. (Abstract)

March 11th, 2012: Esperanto: Why English-speakers need another International Language
   Erin Piateski, consultant, Esperantic Studies Foundation (Abstract)

March 4th, 2012: Reaching Consensus in a Polarized Nation
   Diane Hibino, Former President League of Women Voters (Abstract)

February 26th, 2012: The Nuts and Bolts of How our Immigration Laws Work (or Don't Work!)
   Nancy Elkind, Immigration Attorney (Abstract)

February 19th, 2012: Islamophobia
   Faiz Shakir, Vice President, Center for American Progress (Abstract)

February 12th, 2012: The Maryland Dream Act
   Del. Ana Sol Gutierrez, (D) Dist. Rep. 18 MD Legislature (Abstract)

February 5th, 2012: Our Neighbor to the South
   Lawrence Heilman, retired US Agency for International Development (Abstract)

January 29th, 2012: Riddle of the Arab Spring
   Lawrence de Bivort, Ph.D (Abstract)

January 22nd, 2012: Edward Gero as Mark Rothko in RED
   Dramatic Actor and George Mason Univ. Professor of Drama Edward Gero (Abstract)

January 15th, 2012: Living Through Shocks and Discontinuities
   Peter Wilson, Rand Corporation (Abstract)

January 8th, 2012: Kids First Patriotism
   Robert Dugger, Ph.D., Financial Economist, Managing Partner, Hanover Investment Group (Abstract)

December 18th, 2011: Peak Oil
   Richard Smith, Ph.D retired scientist, National Institute for Standards & Technology (Abstract)

December 11th, 2011: Stretching a Retirement Nest Egg
   Susan Garland, editor, Kiplinger Retirement Report (Abstract)

December 4th, 2011: Russia Yesterday and Tomorrow
   E. Wayne Merry, Senior Associate, American Foreign Policy Council, a Washington think tank (Abstract)

November 27th, 2011: No CC&C

November 20th, 2011: Standing Alongside the Unemployed: Faith Advocates for Jobs Campaign
   Rev. Paul H. Sherry, Director, Washington DC Office of Interfaith Worker Justice & Coordinator, Faith Advocates for Jobs Campaign (Abstract)

November 13th, 2011: Behind the Scenes at the PBS NewsHour
   Peggy Robinson, producer of the PBS NewsHour (Abstract)

November 6th, 2011: The Rich History of Montgomery County-Including Bethesda
   Bill Offutt, Montgomery County Historical Society (Abstract)

October 30th, 2011: Women's Rights in Islam, as I Live It
   Ninie G. Syarikin, Founder and Director, House of Creative Writing, LLC (Abstract)

October 23rd, 2011: Reflections on a Lifetime
   Thelma Spencer (Abstract)

October 16th, 2011: The Right and Duty (?) to Talk about the End of Life
   Dr. Larry Egbert (Abstract)

October 9th, 2011: Climate Change and Its Health Consequences
   Jack Lebowitz, Retired Professor of Microbiology and NIH Staff Scientist (Abstract)

October 2nd, 2011: Update on our Partners Fiatfalva and Kyrdem
   Janet Fernandez, RRUUC Partner Church Committee (Abstract)

September 25th, 2011: Reflections on a Trip to Afghanistan
   Jean Athey, Peace Action Montgomery (Abstract)

September 18th, 2011: New Developments in Immigration Reform
   Gustavo Andrade, Director of Organizing, CASA de Maryland (Abstract)

May 22nd, 2011: RRUUC Town Hall Meeting
   RRUUC Board of Trustees (Abstract)

May 8th, 2011: What It Means To Be An American Muslim Today
   Rabiah Ahmed (Abstract)

May 1st, 2011: Finding Their Own Way Home: Bringing Meditation to Metro DC Inmates
   Sara Tarr, Insight Meditation Mentor (Abstract)

April 24th, 2011: Easter Sunday- no CC&C
   Religious Education Uses Fireside Room (Abstract)

April 17th, 2011: Lessons From Ashoka: Toward a Global Ethic for a Global Economy
   Bruce Rich, author and environmentalist (Abstract)

April 10th, 2011: Human Trafficking: Hiding In Plain Sight
   Dr. Arthur Blecher, LPC; Rabbi, Beth Chai Jewish Humanist Congregation (Abstract)

April 3rd, 2011: Do We Need A Constitutional Amendment?
   Jaime Raskin and Sheila Krumholz (Abstract)

March 27th, 2011: Dealing With Gender Violence And Impunity in Guatemala
   Sandra Moran, Guatemalan activist for Women's Rights (Abstract)

March 20th, 2011: Religious Liberty and the Law
   Daniel Mach, Director of the ACLU Program on Freedom of Religion and Belief (Abstract)

March 13th, 2011: Parkinson's Disease: From Diagnosis to Therapeutic Support Groups
   Leon Paparella, MSW, CGP, psychotherapist (Abstract)

March 6th, 2011: Appalachia Fights Back on Mountaintop Removal Mining
   Kate Rooth and Paul Roland (Abstract)

February 27th, 2011: American Education in the Middle East
   Patricia A. Wand (Abstract)

February 20th, 2011: A Legacy from Hiroshima in the Form of Children's Art
   Bill Rice and Judith Bauer, docents of the Hiroshima Chlldren's Art Collection (Abstract)

February 13th, 2011: Enabling College Enrollment: Overcoming Limiited Choices
   Kenneth Ward, Executive Director, College Bound (Abstract)

February 6th, 2011: Dracula is Dead: How Romania Survived Communism, and Emerged as the New Italy
   Senator Jim Rosapepe and Sheilah Kast, public radio broadcaster (Abstract)

January 30th, 2011: American Education in the Middle East (postponed)
   Pat Wand, educator (Abstract)

January 23rd, 2011: Town Hall Meeting

January 16th, 2011: Lessons From the Netherlands on End of Life Care
   Frances Norwood, PhD (Abstract)

January 9th, 2011: The Rocky Road Ahead: the Next Two Years for Us and Obama
   Peter Wilson, Rand Corporation (Abstract)

January 2nd, 2011: Haiti One Year Later
   Shelley Moskowitz, Manager of Public Policy and Mobilization for UUSC (Abstract)

December 26th, 2010: No CC&C

December 19th, 2010: Current Areas of Astronomical Research
   Nancy Grace Roman, PhD (Abstract)

December 12th, 2010: Isolation in US Maximum Security Prisons
   Rev.Richard Killmer, Exec. Dir. of NRCAT (National Religious Campaign Against Torture) (Abstract)

December 5th, 2010: Obama's War: #1 Afghanistan
   Mel Goodman, Senior Fellow , Center for International Policy (Abstract)

November 28th, 2010: No CC&C due to setting up for Bazaar
   N.A. (Abstract)

November 21st, 2010: Inside Psychoanalysis: Unpublished Freud Letters
   Jim Lieberman, MD (Abstract)

November 14th, 2010: November Elections: The True Cost of Citizens United
   Sheila Krumhorn, Exec. Dir., Center for Responsive Politics & Jamie Raskin, MD. State Senator (Abstract)

November 7th, 2010: Why Pro-Israel and Pro-Peace?
   Sarah Beller, Dir. of Education and Programs at J Street (Abstract)

October 31st, 2010: Restoring Truth in The Media Through the Power of Music
   Barbara Kooyman, recording artist (Abstract)

October 24th, 2010: Women Transforming.....Themselves and the World
   Birute Regine, PhD (Abstract)

October 17th, 2010: Why Doesn't UUism Grow? And What Can We Change?
   Smith Wood, fellow UU and Professor at Georgetown Business School (Abstract)

October 10th, 2010: Transforming Public Will into Political Power
   Vinny DeMarco, President, Maryland Citizen's Health Initiative (Abstract)

October 3rd, 2010: The Legacy of Cesar Chavez: Two Granddaughters Remember
   Christine and Julie Chavez (Abstract)

September 26th, 2010: Signs of Hope: Co-Creating the New World
   Corinne McLaughlin and Gordon Davidson (Abstract)

September 19th, 2010: Are We There Yet? Searching for Solutions in the Middle East
   Ed Peck, Former Ambassador to Iraq (Abstract)

May 23rd, 2010: Yes, but WHICH future for the Israeli-Palestine Conflict?
   Lawry de Bivort, PhD, director of the Evolutionary Services Institute and its Center for Integrated Solutions Center (Abstract)

May 16th, 2010: What We’ll Get Out of Health Care Reform
   Claire McAndrew, Health Policy Analyst for Families USA (Abstract)

May 9th, 2010: Breaking Throught the Stained Glass Ceiling: Women in Religion
   Maureen Fiedler, host of Interfaith Voices (Abstract)

May 2nd, 2010: Cancelled; New Health Care Topic Rescheduled to May 16

April 25th, 2010: Earth Day Week-End Celebration--with Composting!
   Alan Pultyniewicz, Montgomery County Recycling Coordinator (Abstract)

April 18th, 2010: Encouraging and Supporting our Scholarship Students
   Kenneth A Ward, Executive Director of College Bound (Abstract)

April 11th, 2010: Two Perspectives on Civil Rights Issues in Israel
   Carmit Shay and Abeer Joubran-Dakwar (Abstract)

April 4th, 2010: no CC&C due to Fellowship Room being used for R.E. Easter Activities
   N.A. (Abstract)

March 28th, 2010: Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Nuclear Energy
   Frank Goldner, from the Atomic energy Commission (Abstract)

March 21st, 2010: Current Security Challenges for the Obama Administration
   Peter Wilson (Abstract)

March 14th, 2010: The Battle for Social Security: The Newest Chapter
   Nancy J Altman, J.D. (Abstract)

March 7th, 2010: The Militarization of America: At What Cost?
   Jean Athey, Coordinator of Peace Action Montgomery (Abstract)

February 28th, 2010: Bringing Water and Sanitation to the Rift Valley Slums of Kenya
   Carl Mitchell (Abstract)

February 21st, 2010: Ethics and Stem Cell Research
   Dr. Christine Grady (Abstract)

February 14th, 2010: We the Corporations: ...
   Jamie Raskin, Professor of Constitutional Law at American University and MD State Senator (Abstract)

February 7th, 2010: CANCELED DUE TO SNOW: Current Security Challenges for the Obama Administration
   Peter Wilson (Abstract)

January 24th, 2010: The State of Psychiatry Today
   Jim Lieberman, MD (Abstract)

January 17th, 2010: What Does Our DNA Tell Us?
   Dr. Whit Athey (Abstract)

January 10th, 2010: Gaza: A Year After Israel's Invasion
   Shelley Cohen Fudge, Jewish Voice for Peace (Abstract)

January 3rd, 2010: Helping Unitarian Orphans Through Global Efforts
   Catie Scudera, Harvard Divinity Student (Abstract)

December 27th, 2009: no CC&C
   There will be no CC&C due to the R.E. Department needing the Fireside Room (Abstract)

December 13th, 2009: New Faces at Our Door: Poverty in Montgomery County
   Becky Wagner, Executive Director of Interfaith Works (Abstract)

December 6th, 2009: The Value of A Girl's Education in Africa
   Munutamanga Kabahita, Project Director, Associatioon of Zairean/Congolese in the US (Abstract)

November 29th, 2009: Not Meeting due to Bazaar Set-Up

November 22nd, 2009: Did Tiananmen Square Matter? What Was It All About?
   James and Joanne Huskey (Abstract)

November 15th, 2009: Thriving through Resonance
   Brock Holmes, musician (Abstract)

November 8th, 2009: Asylum Seekers & Immigration Courts
   Karen Hanscom, PhD:Executive Director of Baltimore/Washington A.S.T.T. (Abstract)

November 1st, 2009: A New Consumer Financial Protection Agency
   Peggy Twohig and Lauren Saunders (Abstract)

October 25th, 2009: A Different View of Lincoln's Assassination
   Anthony L. Pitch, Award Winning Author of Historical Fiction (Abstract)

October 18th, 2009: The Current Status of the Right To Die Movement, Here and Abroad
   Judy Snyderman, Final Exit Network (Abstract)

October 11th, 2009: Race and the Death Penalty
   Amy Fusting, Program Director--Maryland Citizens Against State Executions (Abstract)

October 4th, 2009: Ending U.S.-Sponsored Torture Forever
   Linda J. Gustitus (Abstract)

September 27th, 2009: General Assembly 2009
   RRUUC General Assembly Delegates (Abstract)

September 20th, 2009: Military Recruitment and Conscientious Objection to War
   J.E. McNeil, the Executive Director of the Center on Conscience & War (Abstract)

May 17th, 2009: Prospects For Peace In the Middle East
   Ori Nir (Abstract)

May 10th, 2009: NGO Diplomacy: Can Non-Profits Help the World's Poor?
   Sam Worthington, CEO of INTERACTIONS (Abstract)

May 3rd, 2009: First 100 Days of the Obama Administration
   Peter Wilson (Abstract)

April 26th, 2009: Reflections on a Lifetime
   Jack Edmondson (Abstract)

April 19th, 2009: Water: The Looming Crisis
   William Butler, Ph.D., Government Dept, Georgetown University (Abstract)

April 12th, 2009: Easter Sunday: No CC&C
   R.E. meets in the Fireside Room (Abstract)

April 5th, 2009: Winning Quality, Affordable Health Care for All
   Richard Kirsch, Campaign Manager of HCAN (Abstract)

March 29th, 2009: Negotiating Environment and Science
   Richard Smith (Abstract)

March 22nd, 2009: Hunger On Our Doorstep
   Lynn Brantley, Founder, President and CEO, Capital Area Food Bank (Abstract)

March 15th, 2009: Housing Opportunities in the D.C. Area
   Jerry Kenokia (Abstract)

March 8th, 2009: Slavery and Human Trafficking
   Kevin Bales (Abstract)

March 1st, 2009: The Middle East-Today and Tomorrow
   Former Ambassador Ed Peck (Abstract)

February 22nd, 2009: The Early Sexualization of Girls
   Mary Bailey (Abstract)

February 15th, 2009: Reflections on a Lifetime
   Mary Rose Curtis (Abstract)

February 8th, 2009: Change the World Before Those Other Guys Do
   Bruce Knotts (Abstract)

February 1st, 2009: The World Wide Economic Meltdown
   Professor Michael Greenberger (Abstract)

January 25th, 2009: Prospects for DC Voting Representation
   Ilir Zherka (Abstract)

January 18th, 2009: The Obama White House Staff
   Brad Patterson (Abstract)

January 11th, 2009: Walking the UU Talk in New Orleans
   Nancy Henningsen, Susan Cummins, and Carl Mitchell (Abstract)

January 4th, 2009: Why Isn't Everyone a UU?
   Smith Wood (Abstract)

December 21st, 2008: Understanding Alzheimer's
   Molly Tully and Gay Lynn Nann (Abstract)

December 14th, 2008: The Resonance of Being II
   Brock Holmes (Abstract)

December 7th, 2008: HIV/AIDS in Africa
   Dr. Carlie Williams (Abstract)

November 23rd, 2008: Views on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
   Dr. Julia Chaitin, Lucy Talgieh, Enas Muthaffar (Abstract)

November 16th, 2008: Reflections on a Lifetime
   Bob Saloschin (Abstract)

November 9th, 2008: Challenges For Our Newly Elected President
   Peter Wilson (Abstract)

November 2nd, 2008: Abraham Lincoln's Life in Music
   Elizabeth Smith Brownstein (Abstract)

October 26th, 2008: Color and Money
   Peter Schmidt (Abstract)

October 19th, 2008: Breaking The Cycle of Teen Pregnancy
   Members of the Religious Coalition For Reproductive Choice (Abstract)

October 12th, 2008: Our Darfur Radio Project
   Jess Engebretson and fellow Swarthmore College Students (Abstract)

October 5th, 2008: The Resonance of Being
   Brock Holmes (Abstract)

September 28th, 2008: Making Peace with Islam
   Dr. Abdul Aziz Said (Abstract)

September 21st, 2008: News from Our Transylvania Partner Church
   Bob and Carol Waser (Abstract)

September 14th, 2008: The Implications of Nuclear Power
   Thomas Cochran, Ph.D., Natural Resources Defense Council (Abstract)

May 18th, 2008: Perversion of Justice
   Eric E.Sterling, Director of the Criminal Justice Policy Foundation (Abstract)

May 11th, 2008: Medical Dilemmas & Decisions: Hormone Therapy as a Paradigm
   Jay Schulkin, Ph.D (Abstract)

May 4th, 2008: Immigration Issues in Maryland - What's Next?
   Ana Sol Gutierrez, Maryland Delegate from District 18 (Abstract)

April 27th, 2008: Reflections on a Lifetime
   Shirley Patterson (Abstract)

April 20th, 2008: Protecting and Enhancing our Potomac River
   Hedrick Belin, President, Potomac Conservancy (Abstract)

April 13th, 2008: Social Justice Accomplishments at RRUUC and What Lies Ahead
   Rob Nooter, Chair of RRUUC Social Justice Council (Abstract)

April 6th, 2008: Nonviolence As An Operating Principle In Our Society
   Ted Nunn (Abstract)

March 30th, 2008: End-of-Life Issues: Personal and Political
   Matthew Nelson (Abstract)

March 16th, 2008: National Security Challenges for the Next President
   Peter Wilson, Rand (Abstract)

March 9th, 2008: E.Ethelbert Miller, African American Activist Poet
   E. Ethelbert Miller (Abstract)

March 2nd, 2008: RRUUC Youth Trip to El Salvador – Summer '07
   RRUUC Youth Group (Abstract)

February 24th, 2008: Reflections on a Lifetime
   Penny Cassedy (Abstract)

February 22nd, 2008: Early sexualization of Girls
   Mary Bayless (Abstract)

February 17th, 2008: Outlawed: Extreme Rendition and other Practices
   Jean L. Athey, Ph.D. (Abstract)

February 10th, 2008: A Dialogue with Khlur Mukhim from India
   Khlur Mukhim, RRUUC liaison to our partner church in India (Abstract)

February 3rd, 2008: Art and Artifacts from the Smithsonian Museum of African Art
   Docent Judy Smith (Abstract)

January 27th, 2008: Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill Revisited
   Helen Winternitz and Tim Phelps (Abstract)

January 20th, 2008: Along the Anacostia: Youth Development through Environmental Service
   Glen O'Gilvie, President and CEO, Earth Conservation Corps (Abstract)

January 13th, 2008: What's on Center Stage for the Maryland Legislature in 2008?
   Sen. Rich Madelano (Abstract)

January 6th, 2008: Torture is a Moral Issue
   Dr. Steven Xenakis (Abstract)

December 9th, 2007: With God As My Running Mate: The Role of Religion in the 2008 Election
   Maureen Fiedler (Abstract)

December 2nd, 2007: Reflections on a Lifetime
   Robert Elkin (Abstract)

November 18th, 2007: Treacherous Alliance: The Secret Dealings of Iran, Israel and the United States
   Dr. Trita Parsi (Abstract)

November 11th, 2007: Parker v DC: A Threat to U.S. Gun Laws
   Daniel R. Vice (Abstract)

November 4th, 2007: The Human Face of Palestine
   Nora Buch (Abstract)

October 28th, 2007: Islam and International Conflict: Fact and Fiction
   Shaikh Mahmoud Abdelhady, imam Dar al-Taqwa Mosque - Columbia, MD (Abstract)

October 21st, 2007: The U.S. Social Experiment in Massive Incarceration
   Stefan LoBuglio, Ph.D. (Abstract)

October 14th, 2007: Old Age in A New Age
   Beth Baker, journalist and author (Abstract)

October 7th, 2007: Reflections on a Lifetime
   Thora Frank (Abstract)

September 30th, 2007: Music for a while shall all your cares beguile" (Henry Purcell 1634)
   Tom Gallagher, Tenor and Gillian Cookson, Piano (Abstract)

September 23rd, 2007: Immigrants in Our Midst: Focus on Our Common Humanity
   Gustavo Torres, Director of CASA de Maryland (Abstract)

September 16th, 2007: Species Extinction: What it means for them and what it means for us
   Timothy Male, Environmental Defense (Abstract)

May 20th, 2007: Our Name
   The Church Naming Committee (Abstract)

May 13th, 2007: Confronting Mass Atrocities in Darfur
   Colin Thomas-Jensen, International Crisis Troup (Abstract)

May 6th, 2007: The Elephant in the Living Room
   Ricardo Flores, Public Policy Director of the Public Justice Center (Abstract)

April 29th, 2007: Real Green: Moving the Sustainable Design Agenda With Pragmatism
   Brian Uher, Amicus Green Building Center (Abstract)

April 22nd, 2007: Protecting our Region's Natural Heritage
   Neal Fitzpatrick, Audubon Naturalist Society (Abstract)

April 15th, 2007: ACTION Week Sunday: Jubilee House
   Stacey Erd, Exec. Dir. Beacon House (Abstract)

April 1st, 2007: Cancer: Nature, Nurture or Both
   Bob Hoover, NIH (Abstract)

March 25th, 2007: Reflections on a Lifetime
   Bill and Alma Rhodes (Abstract)

March 18th, 2007: Human Cognition and the Challenges of Crafting a Desirable Future

March 11th, 2007: The Climate Crisis: What Are The Key Concerns?
   Helen Seidler (Abstract)

March 4th, 2007: The Evolution of Head Start and East Coast Migrant Head Start Project
   John Menditto (Abstract)

October 22nd, 2006: Reflections on a Lifetime
   Marguerite Rhodes (Abstract)

May 21st, 2006: Reflections on a Lifetime
   Doris Wright (Abstract)

February 26th, 2006: Reflections on a Lifetime
   Hank and Maurine Beasley (Abstract)

May 1st, 2005: Reflections on a Lifetime
   Ed Bennett (Abstract)

April 3rd, 2005: Reflections on a Lifetime
   Brad Patterson (Abstract)

October 31st, 2004: Reflections on a Lifetime
   Bob Quick (Abstract)

November 14th, 1993: Reflections on a Lifetime
   Curt Adams (Abstract)

September 19th, 1993: Reflections on a Lifetime
   Sally Tony (Abstract)

March 21st, 1993: Reflections on a Lifetime
   Murial Davies (Abstract)