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Classes and Learning Opportunities

Our learning opportunities support our congregational mission: Fellowship, Spirit & Service

Our offerings are organized by how they help meet our RRUUC vision: to grow and deepen in Fellowship, Spirit and Service for all ages.

Fellowship draws us into deeper relationship to our congregational community, so that we might choose connection over isolation.  Offerings are:

  • Sample a Small Group (coming soon)
  • Souper Supper for Families with Children (February 2018)


Spiritual growth draws us into deeper relationship with the sacred, however we might experience it or name it, so that we might be connected to the sources of our strength.  Offerings are:

  • Inquirers Want to Know... (coming soon)


Service draws us into deeper relationship to the world as it is and the world as it could be, so that we might be agents of change and hope Offerings are:

  • Beloved Conversations IV (full)
  • Same Family, Different Colors @ Cedar Lane UU; Sept. 24 @12:15pm
  • Structural Racism Study & Learn (Winter 2018)
  • UUA Common Read: Centering (February 2018)

What does "curated" mean?

Classes offered outside of the RRUUC that align with our vision and mission but that we cannot, for one reason or another, offer ourselves are included here but are noted by the word (curated).  Class structures and fees, if any, are the sole discretion of the facilitators or organization without any RRUUC involvement.  These offerings are not advertised in RRUUC publications due to space constraints but have been reviewed by staff and the ASG (Adult Spiritual Growth) Committee.

What is the significance of the color of the Class Name?

Classes in blue or green are linked either to more information via the RRUUC registration system or to the provider's information in cases of curated classes.  If a class name appears in black it indicates that the registration and other specifics of the class have not yet been finalized, so check back!

Why do some classes require applications?

All offerings are open to any one, though selection for specific time frames may be limited.  Some offerings, Spiritual Storytelling are open for early registration  to previous participants to maintain their small group ethos. Some, like our Teen and Life series are open for RRUUC congregants before being offered to our neighbors. Other offerings such as Beloved Conversations and Spirit Journey are dependent on a diverse group of participants with varied backgrounds, experiences and identities not achievable thru a first come-first served basis.  However, every congregant will be included in an offering at some time.  

Why Do We Charge Fees?

Some ASG (Adult Spiritual Growth) opportunities are fee-based. Fee-based classes help support classes and programs where training of leaders and/or payment of outside presenters is necessary.  Additionally, fees provide scholarships allowing anyone to fully participate. Our fees support childcare to allow for full inclusion of parents and guardians in the life of the congregation. In most cases, the fee covers only a small portion of the costs of the ARE program; the remaining costs are covered by congregant pledges to the congregation's annual stewardship campaign.  We encourage each congregant participating (member or not) to pledge annually. RRUUC members receive a discount on class fees.  Full refunds are available for any class prior to the registration deadline. 

Where are classes held?

Offerings are assigned a location based on availability and size, aesthetics, accessibility and purpose however last minute changes may necessitate a room change so please check the sign board at the Front Lobby and/or Fellowship Building entry before each meeting.

Tell Us About the Class you Took?

The Adult Spiritual Growth Committee (ASGC) would love to hear about the class so we know what's working and what could use some improving.  Please download the Course Evaluation form and send it to Gabrielle Farrell, Lifespan Religious Educator.  committees/education/Winter-Spring_2010_Evaluation_Form.pdf

How Can I Offer a Class?

The Adult Spiritual Growth (ASG) Committee invites all individuals or groups interested in offering a class/learning opportunity to submit a proposal to the Committee and/or Staff.  Download the document below, complete it and send to Gabrielle Farrell.  Either staff or a Committee member will contact you about it.

Class Proposal Form