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Small Groups




Newcomers and RRUUC congregants are invited to be part of a small group - places to get acquainted, deepen their relationships with one another and with the congregation, and provide a forum for spiritual reflection, study or values clarification.


  • What are Small Groups? Small Groups are gatherings of 6-12 people focusing on a common interest or practice. Groups meet once or twice a month at RRUUC or in group members' homes, and participants commit to meeting together once or twice a month for a congregational year. 
  • How does it work? Each group agrees on what their meeting focus and rhythm will be be. Meetings can be facilitated by different group members but there is always one trained facilitator helping to keep the process and the group on track.
  • Who can join Small Group? Groups are open to any congregant, members, friends, newcomer.   New groups are formed in October and February. When the group goes beyond twelve, a second group may be formed if there is a facilitator for the group.
  • Are there resources? The Small Group Core of the Adult Spiritual Growth Committee along with congregational staff provide you with training, meeting templates, and other resources and newsletters that can help deepen and strengthen your small group. 

Please Note:  In addition to Small Groups, open the door to others and the congregation through...