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Religious Education Registration

For year September 17, 2017 - June 17, 2018
(All children, childcare thru 12th grade must be registered annually)

(You may use the mouse to place the cursor in the proper space or Tab between spaces; Do not use the Enter key as that will send the form prematurely.)


 This is the first time we've registered for Religious Education at RRUUC

We are attending at 9:15am      We are attending at 11:15am











Middle School / High Schoolers


any) AS OF Sept 2017


Special Notes to Us:

  •  When assigning young children to a specific group, we follow the public school guidelines placing a child born before September 1 in Kindergarten. If you wish for your child to remain in the Preschool class, please let us know.   
  •  A vast majority of our communication happens via e-mail. If you have an e-mail or address change during the course of the year, please let us know. Finally, the eWeekly and the RE Weekly Family News arrive in your email boxes to let you know what is going on.   
  •  Special Needs and Allergies: Please let us know about any health conditions, medications, allergies, or special needs we need to plan for in order to ensure safety. Be sure to specify the name of the person you're describing for us.   
  •  I understand my teen or MS youth can serve as a teacher’s aide instead of attending a group of his/her own age. We are interested in this, please call.   
  •  I give my permission for my child to participate in the religious education program of RRUUC and know that I will be notified of any classes off-site. Please initial here:
  •  I understand that photographs may be taken and published of my child without prior knowledge. (If you do NOT want photographs of your child to be used, initial here: )
  •  I am looking forward to help my child or youth attach to this community and will teach/guide/mentor/advise  This year,   Next year.

Here are some other ways that you and your family might want to have fun at RRUUC this year by helping – check two and at least one will work out!

 Middle School Haunted House Set Up and Take Down Sunday, 10/29 @10:30am

 Holiday Party, Sunday, December 17 both services

 Helping out at the Pageant (12/24) and rehearsal (12/23 am)

 Souper Supper for Parents and Kids, Sunday February 11@4:30p

 Mystery Pals Reveal Party on Sunday, March 18 @10:00am

 Teacher Appreciation Lunch @Gabrielle’s Sunday, May 6 @11:00-2:30p

 Leading music in classroom any Sunday

 Would love to help with the technology addition to the learning at RRUUC any Sunday

 I would love to share may hobby/passion/skill of   with kids of   age. Can you give me a call?

 Shopping for Events



  • Knowing your expectations about religious education for your children can make all the difference. After reading the brochure and the website, can you share what part of our ministry to children and youth are you hoping your children connects with?
  • It sometimes helps to have us know your child(ren)'s extra curricula interests (music, sports, scouts, gaming, etc). What engages them the most?
  • You are the most important part of the equation. What special interests or skills would you like to share with the religious education ministry for children of all ages?
  • What can we do to make your child/ren feel welcomed and comfortable?
  • Any challenges that you'd like us to support your child/ren?
  • Effective ways to encourage positive behavior in your child/ren?
  • If your child, K-5th grade, would do better in a group with a specific child (or vice-versa), let us know.


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