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Paying Your Pledge

If you have not yet pledged, you can complete your pledge here.

Please consider paying your pledge on a periodic basis (e.g., monthly or quarterly) through an automatic debit to your bank account. Paying your pledge on a monthly basis helps maintain a steady cash flow for RRUUC’s outlays and distributes your contribution evenly through the year.

You can pay your pledge commitment using these methods:

  1. On-line from a bank account:  If you have an email address or an Access account, go to Online Giving  or log in directly into Access ACS to enter the amount, frequency and fund, and your bank account details.  You can make a one-time payment or set up recurring payments from your bank account. This is the preferred payment method.
  2. On-line charged to your credit card:  Go to Online Giving or log in directly into Access ACS to enter your credit card details.  You can set a one-time charge to your credit card or set up recurring payments.   
  3. By check:  Please make checks payable to RRUUC and write “Operating Fund FY 17/18" in the Memo line.
  4. Phone:  Pay with a debit or credit card by calling RRUUC’s bookkeeper Diana Chimes, 301-229-0400, ext. 114. 
  5. Transfer of stock:  To donate stocks or securities please follow these instructions.
  • Donating appreciated securities (e.g., stocks) may provide a benefit to you in avoiding capital gains taxes. Selling stock and donating the cash may have capital gain tax impacts.  There are some details and restrictions on the total amount you can deduct when donating appreciated securities; please consult your tax accountant or financial advisor for details.

If you need more information about the mechanics of contributing, please contact Diana Chimes, RRUUC Bookkeeper, at 301-229-0400 or dchimes(at)rruuc.org.