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Why and What to Give

Why Give?

  • River Road is a place where we find community and fellowship, refresh ourselves amid challenges and opportunities, promote social justice, and revel in the gift of music.
  • At Sunday worship, our ministers provide thought-provoking sermons, supporting you as you explore your spiritual growth and the ethical and spiritual dimensions of living.
  • You see your children explore and thrive with peers, as you celebrate life and commune with each other and provide pastoral care for those in need.
  • As we face a changing nation and challenging times, we are a platform for social justice, allowing us to put faith into action.
  • Supporting the ministry of RRUUC is one way we act and live our values. Our Ministers are currently compensated well below the midpoint set by the Unitarian Universalist Association Salary Recommendations. We want to pay our ministers a fair wage aligned with the excellence of their service.
  • RRUUC is a place where you find the commitment and will to act with courage.

What to Give?

Your pledge determines River Road’s ability to achieve a morally responsible budget – one that increases our staff’s compensation to reflect fair wages. Giving categories for Supporters, Sustainers, and Visionaries are shown below. Please consider increasing your pledges by the requested percentages. This year, we will celebrate and publicly recognize everyone's giving category of Supporter, Sustainer, and Visionary (unless a contributor wishes to remain anonymous).


Giving Category

Giving Range

Requested Increase

Supporter – as the largest group of pledgers in the congregation, your decision to increase your pledge will ensure our budget lives our values

Couple:  Up to $3,000 Individual: Up to $2,000



Couple:  $3,000-$5,000 Individual: $2,000-$4,000



Couple:  Over $5,000 Individual: Over $4,000


  • Our goal is to raise $960,000 for the 2017-2018 financial year (which starts July 1, 2017).
  • This funding level will enable us to appropriately compensate our Ministers and staff, at levels commensurate with UU guidelines, and ensure adequate administrative support.
  • If you can step up from Supporter to Sustainer, or Sustainer to Visionary, that decision will have a profound impact on our ability to meet our goals.
  • You can also consider pledging according to UUA’s Fair Share Contribution Guide, which suggests giving 2%-10% of your income.
  • Annual pledges for 2016-2017 ranged up to $35,000.

Whether you already give, decide to give for the first time, or begin the process of moving toward a higher category of giving over the next few years, we encourage everyone to give generously. Your pledge supports not just our budget and financial stability; it is a moral commitment to our leaders and community.


Should you want more details, our annual operating budget and ministry costs are public. Large charts provide information on the bridge to the Fellowship Hall. We will also publicly celebrate giving by category unless someone wants to remain anonymous.  A graphic display acknowledging individual/household support by category will be displayed.

Our goal of $960,000 for the 2017-2018 financial year (which starts July 1, 2017) is a 9 percent increase over last year’s pledges and would allow us to fund a budget that is aligned with our values with spending of $1.234 million (up from $1.137 million last year).
As you pledge, remember what RRUUC means to you and consider the following:

  • Per week cost of RRUUC = $23,700
  • Annual cost per member = $2,200
  • Annual cost per child/youth enrolled in RE = $1,600
  • Cost per week of music program = $3,600

A 2017-18 budget that is more aligned with our values would:

  • Provide a 12½ percent salary increase for our Senior Minister after essentially a salary freeze over the last several years, bringing her salary to the midpoint of the UUA benchmark.
  • Recognize the enhanced credentials of our Lifespan Religious Educator and raise her salary to the midpoint of the UUA benchmark.
  • Add hours for our Director of Youth Ministry.
  • Upgrade the Congregational Administrator position to reflect job requirements, with a corresponding salary increase.
  • Provide for a full-time administrative assistant to meet the currents needs of the congregation.

Your action will allow the Board of Trustees to plan a responsible budget for the financial year, which starts on July 1, 2017.