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Getting Involved

Getting involved with social justice can be one of the most rewarding aspects of congregational life.  You will be helping others as well as adding understanding and satisfaction to your own life.

RRUUC offers lots of ways to take part, whether you have a specific issue you're passionate about, want to lend a hand where needed or investigate options to learn more.  An easy way to start is to be alert to social justice publicity.  Events and issues are publicized in the eWeekly newsletter and the Sunday bulletin.  Frequently, tables with information and knowledgeable representatives on hot topics or upcoming events are set-up in the Fellowship Hall on Sundays.  Other opportunities:

  • If you're passionate about an issue and want to find others who share your concerns and take action, please check whether it might fit with one of the existing social action groups listed under “task forces” or, if it is a new area, post a query in the eWeekly or on the social justice bulletin board in the lounge to seek at least five RRUUC members who might share your passion.  Once you have that, contact SJMT(at)rruuc.org for the simple proposal form to lay out your initiative and send it in.

  • Support social justice projects initiated by RRUUC youth.
  • Add your voice and efforts to our collaboration with AIM to help build a community with justice for all.
  • If there's an active task force working on an issue you care about, contact the chair.  To get an individual's email address, use the member log-in on the RRUUC homepage.  Alternatively, email SJMT(at)rruuc.org.
  • Serve at the Shepherd's Table soup kitchen the second Tuesday of the month
  • Tutor children and youth at Beacon House in a Northeast DC

  • Help identify stimulating speakers on current issues for our Coffee Controversy & Conversation (CC&C) weekly contemporary issues forum; email info-CC&C@rruuc.org with your ideas