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Animal Ministry

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."



Recent news reports indicate that there is a sea change happening with regard to how animals are viewed. Evidence of this change is provided by the retirement of elephants from the Ringling Brothers circus and the cessation of orca breeding at Sea World.  Even the shooting of Harambe the gorilla brought up the bigger question of whether he should have been in captivity in the first place. Recently President Obama signed into law some significant new restrictions on animal testing.  Nearly every day now there are stories that inspire hope for a world that is safer and kinder for all types of animals.  Many UUs want to be on the forefront of this movement.

The Animal Ministry group at RRUUC has been meeting since March of 2016. Our purposes are to:

  1. Explore the human relationship to pets, wildlife, and livestock who share our world, considering this relationship as a moral and religious issue; and
  2. Engage in concrete action that bring about change on the individual, family, congregational, community, and societal level.

In addition to our own monthly meetings, we have been in contact with other Animal Ministry chapters at UU congregations and also to the national UU Animal Ministry. We plan to implement joint activities with the Animal Ministry chapter from the Columbia UU congregation, and we intend to offer programs at RRUUC that will be educational for both adults and children. We will also reach out to various animal-related organizations in our community.

We welcome new participants in our group, so please let us know if you would like to join us.

Contact: Leigh Scott

(above) Tonja Nansel met a pig during the Animal Ministry group's visit to Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary. (right) Members of the RRUUC Animal Ministry joined others for the fall 2016 annual open house at Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary.