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Wind Energy Initiative

Capture the Wind

An RRUUC Environmental Task Force Wind Energy Initiative

The Environmental Task Force is promoting conversion to wind energy by RRUUC members.  By Earth Day 2011, RRUUC as an institution converted to wind energy use, along with more than 20 members.  By Earth Day 2012, the ETF goal is to add 15 more RRUUC members to wind energy.

The wind energy initiative is aimed at living out UU Principle 7 to protect the interdependent web of life. Wind-generated electricity reduces the amount of harmful carbon emitted into the atmosphere that coal-fired electricity now produces. Maryland residents now have a number of viable options to convert to wind energy.

The Environmental Task Force invites the RRUUC congregation to:

  • Consider joining the Green Neighborhood Challenge of Clean Currents, a local wind energy provider that provides funds for environmental projects to non-profits that convert to wind.
  • Visit the websites of the following local wind energy options Clean Currents (independent wind energy company) or Clean Steps (through Washington Gas Energy Services )

For more information about Clean Currents, please contact Jack Lebowitz or Walter Weiss.