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Memorial Services

ďWhen you remember me, it means that you have carried something of who I am with you, that I have left some mark of who I am on who you are." -  Fredrick Buechner

Memorial Services at River Road Unitarian Universalist Congregation are ceremonies acknowledging the death and celebrating the life of a loved one.  The calm and beautiful setting in the woods contributes to the sacredness of the moment. 

Our ministers meet with the deceased personís family to hear again some of the life stories and help the family create a ceremony that best honors the deceased.  Frequently the ceremony includes an acknowledgement of the loss and of the gifts from the deceased, music meaningful to the deceased and family, readings, a eulogy, and reflections from family and friends.  All this is led in a setting which calls forth the strengths of the many faiths represented by those present.

The vast majority of ceremonies to mark someone's death are memorial services, but occasionally funerals are held at RRUUC.  Memorial services can be held anytime from a few days after the death to a couple of months later depending on the needs and wishes of the family. Memorial services are performed both for members and non-members of the congregation.