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Ministerís Fees

Members: The Ministers are pleased to officiate without charge at ceremonies for people who have been active members of the congregation for at least one year.     Members may choose to give an appreciation directly to the Minister or to make a gift to the Ministersí Discretionary Fund.  

For membersí weddings held at a location other than RRUUC, the Minister may, at his or her discretion, request compensation for mileage.
For members whose weddings taking place on RRUUC premises, there is no charge for the use of the premises, but a custodial fee will be applied.  Please contact the Administrative Assistant for more information.

Non-members and new members of less than one year are invited to speak directly with the Minister for a fee quotation.  Fees are depending on location (at RRUUC or elsewhere) and whether or not a rehearsal is required.


River Road's Director of Music, Dr. Clif Hardin has extensive experience playing for weddings and commitment ceremonies.  He can be helpful in selecting music as well as making suggestions and arranging for instrumental or vocal soloists.  Fees for consultation and for playing for your ceremony may be discussed directly with Dr. Hardin, who may be reached at (301) 229-0400, ext. 112.  Fees for other instrumental or vocal soloists are to be paid directly to the performer.  

Building Rental

Building rental, use, and fee information can be found in Building Rentals, Building Use Information and Regulations and Contract Form.  Please contact our Administrative Assistant for more information.


  •  Use of RRUUC Facility by Outside Clergy:  By prior arrangement with the Senior Minister, RRUUC may make its facilities available to outside clergy. This must be discussed at or before the time when the wedding is booked.
  • Marriage License: A Montgomery County marriage license must be obtained at the Circuit Court in Rockville at least three days prior to the wedding. (The Courthouse is closed on weekends and holidays including state holidays and Good Friday.) In Maryland, no blood test or witnesses are required.
  • Wedding Bulletins: It is your responsibility to have wedding bulletins designed and printed.
  • Photographs: The ministers of RRUUC request that no flash be used for photographs during the ceremony.
  • Flowers and Decorations: RRUUC bulletin boards, art and wall decorations will remain in place. Nothing is to be removed or rearranged without prior approval of the Director of Administration. Arrangements for flowers may be made with the florist of your choice. The florist must arrange delivery times with the Administrator. Flowers may be left for Sunday morning worship with prior arrangement; please check with the Administrator.

Fee Payments

All fees are payable in full before the date of the ceremony, no later than the date of the wedding rehearsal. The check for building use should be made payable to River Road Unitarian Universalist Congregation.  Ministersí honoraria and Director of Musicís fees are to be paid directly to the individual.  Please see Building Use Information and Regulations and Contract Form for additional information.

Further Information

For further information or to make an appointment, please contact the Administrative Assistant, (301)229-0400, ext. 109 or office@rruuc.org.