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Inward Springs

From September through May, many of our congregational programs are organized around monthly spiritual themes.

These themes provide focus for greater depth in our congregational and spiritual lives.

They are metaphors held in common, a way to approach big questions together and find within them a glimmer of the deep sources of meaning and purpose in your life.

Welcome to Inward Springs. This is an invitation to take one simple theme and find within it just a glimmer of the deep sources of meaning and purpose in your life.

Each month, our congregation has the opportunity to explore a different spiritual theme. This shared theme is not an imposition or a requirement. No grades will be assigned and no gold stars will be offered for the most spiritually fulfilled among us. Instead, this theme is an invitation. With Inward Springs, we are invited to deepen our spiritual explorations both as individuals and as a community.

The themes are intentionally broad, precisely so that each of us may approach them differently. Some of us will choose to learn, others will discuss, still others will simply experience the theme through worship or storytelling or song. Any way you choose to approach it is worthwhile. What matters is that we share the exploration together.

Join us for Inward Springs Sunday on the first Sunday of each month. Inward Springs Sundays are opportunities to reflect together in sermon, story and song on the monthly theme. Children start in the service on these Sundays, so bring the whole family for this shared time of reflection and story.