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Lay-Led Services

In a long-standing and cherished tradition, River Road Unitarian Universalist Congregation provides a forum for congregants to speak their individual spiritual truth by setting aside four or five Sundays each year for Lay Led Services.

To encourage this kind of personal participation in worship, the Lay Led Committee invites congregants to submit proposals of service themes for consideration at planning meetings held in the spring and fall. Once the conveners and their topics have been selected, the Committee offers support including editing, service element planning, help with music and reading selection, rehearsals, and coaching. We believe that our congregation is enlivened and our community deepened by the participation of congregants in the performance of services.

Recent Lay Led Services have included the following topics: “Rocks of Ages” (on the losses and gifts of aging); “Anti-Muslim Bigotry: Our Challenge”; “Bearing Witness to Earth’s Destruction: Stewardship of the Earth as a Spiritual Practice”; and, “Before We Wait Too Long,” (reflecting on death as a springboard to living life more intentionally).

An additional source of support is a Spiritual Storytelling class organized by Committee chair and taught by a classically trained actor. The class is not a requirement for presenting a Lay service, but several recent presenters have found the class useful for developing their stories and refining presentation skills.

Chair: Kathleen Knepper
Assistant to Chair: Claudia Greer