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Look To This Day!

Clif Hardin and the River Road Choir released their new CD in May 2008.  If you are interested in purchasing a copy, please contact the office.  Both this CD and The Hardin Requiem CD are also available in the RRUUC Bookstore in the Fellowship Hall on Sundays.


1 Welcome, Welcome 1:40
2 Come Into This Place 1:58
3 Look to This Day 2:04
4 Life Has Loveliness to Sell 2:57
5 Song of the Open Road 3:27
6 Go to the Shine 2:57
7 Yonder Come Day 1:42
8 Deep Peace 3:17
9 Seize on Today 3:00
10 Loveliest of Trees 4:45
11 There is More Love Somewhere 2:58
12 The Beatitudes 3:08
13 Allelu, Allelu, Alleluia 2:40
14 Do You Hear? 2:23
15 Healing Waters 2:24
16 Bright Morning Stars 3:00
17 All God's Children 3:45
18 May Love Be Your Guide 1:20

Notes and Acknowledgements

I have been privileged to work at River Road Unitarian Universalist Congregation, in Bethesda, Maryland since 1983.  Like many other Unitarian Universalist musicians, throughout my tenure I have seen both the need and the opportunity to offer new music that uses texts that are compatible with liberal religious thought and ideals.  So, all the anthems and arrangements on this recording were created specifically for Sunday services at River Road. Yet, I hope all will eventually have a life of their own and be of use to other congregations and choral organizations beyond River Road.

I have drawn on a wide variety of texts, both old and new, for these choral works.  Some of the texts are ancient: the Beatitudes, the Sanskrit poet Kalidasa, a Celtic rune.  Some come from the literary giants of the 19th and 20th Centuries: Thoreau, Whitman, Teasdale, Sandburg, and Housman.  Some come from folk sources: African-American spirituals and an Appalachian folk hymn.  And some come from lesser-known authors, including myself.  They speak to us of hope, natural beauty, peace, and our connections to one another as one human family.

These works were recorded by The River Road Choir in our own sanctuary, starting in the spring of 2006.  During that time, some choir members moved, and some new members joined the group.  Periodically, guest singers added their support to the choir.  In all, nearly seventy singers took some part in this project, with forty to fifty attending any given recording session.      

I am forever grateful to all the singers who volunteered so much of their time, energy, and talent to take part in this project.  And, I especially thank Addie Edelson, our wonderful accompanist with many years of service to River Road.  Her great musicianship and dedication have brought the piano parts to life.

I also want to thank the members of our music committee who initiated this project.  To Lori Rottenberg, chairperson at the onset of the project, I offer my special thanks.  Without her vision, commitment and hard work, I doubt this CD would have ever made it from the realm of a “nice idea” to reality.  Thanks, also, to the Board of Trustees at River Road who made the financial commitment to this project.  And lastly, I extend my deep and heartfelt gratitude to the congregation and fellow staff members at River Road who have supported the music program for many years in many ways.

-Clif Hardin