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Special Musical Events

In addition to the choir's anthems and other music for Sunday services, the music program supports a wide range of musical offerings. Some of these take place during Sunday services; other musical events give a chance for the River Road community to hear a variety of music at other times and in other settings.

The River Road Choir

Special Music Services

Every December and May, the River Road Choir presents special music programs as part of the Sunday worship services. The winter services have included music centered on themes of winter solstice, multicultural celebrations of the seasons, and Christmas.

The May program ranges from single large works to programs of smaller pieces centering on specific themes. (See the River Road Choir page.) We seek to attain the most professional quality possible. Yet these special music services are not just performances, but are meant to form part of an overall meaningful worship experience.

(Above, the River Road Choir and boy soprano Michael Butvinik rehearse for the 2002 Spring Music Service. Michael isn't a soprano any more!)

Winter Cabaret

A River Road tradition for many years, the Winter Cabaret provides an evening where anyone in the River Road community can perform for a warm and supportive audience. This popular event is held in February and draws performers of all ages and abilities from within the congregation. Singers and instrumentalists performing all styles of music, as well as poets and dancers, have been a part of past cabarets. Everyone brings an hors d'oeuvre or a dessert and enjoys cabaret-style seating for a night of great music. 

Youth Cabaret

Building on the success of River Road's annual Winter Cabaret, the Youth Cabaret offers young people a similar warm and supportive atmosphere to share their musical talents. Families are invited to bring a dessert and enjoy an afternoon of nurturing our youth's artistic abilities. Performers aged 5 to 18 are welcome to participate, acts should be under five minutes, and those interested in performing should contact Clif Hardin.

Community Music Series

Because River Road recognizes that spiritual growth is closely related to artistic growth, this new concert series provides a way for those within the River Road membership to share musical gifts in more depth than our Winter Cabaret allows. Depending on interest, performances are held several times per year on Sunday afternoons in our beautiful sanctuary, and performers are allowed 10-15 minutes for their program. Admission is free, and audience members are asked to bring a dessert to share.

Sign-up for performers takes place six weeks before each performance, and the Music Committee provides publicity and logistical support for the concert.

Music Committee Special Events

The Music Committee occasionally sponsors other concerts to take advantage of the number of fine musicians from within RRUUC's own ranks, as well as others from the community who wish to use the sanctuary as a performance space.