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Upcoming Sermons

June 30th, 2019
"Nahshon and the First Step"
Rev. Nancy McDonald Ladd, Senior Minister

In the stories told of the Hebrew Exodus, teachers have long recounted the tale of Nahshon - the one who took the very first step into the Red Sea before it parted, without whose courage the freedom of the people could not be won. Who takes the first step toward freedom today?

July 7th, 2019
" Springsteen, Thoreau, & the Hidden Language of Trees"
Rev. Dr. Carl Gregg Guest Minister

Have you ever experienced a deep connection to a tree or forest? After learning about the complex life of trees and related themes in UU history, you will feel more connected to the interdependent web of all existence. Our guest minister, The Rev. Dr. Carl Gregg has been the minister of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Frederick since 2012.

July 14th, 2019
"Celebrating Our Earth"
Christin Green

April 2020 will mark the 50th annual celebration of Earth Day in the United States. That means there are nearly two whole generations of earthlings incorporating this type of appreciation and learning into their lives. We have made great strides and also grave mistakes. How do we celebrate the Earth while facing the realities of its destruction? How do we cope with the losses and also make a positive impact? Join guest preacher, Christin Green, to explore life-giving responses to our planet.

July 21st, 2019
"Reclaiming Resistance"
Rev. Amanda Weatherspoon, Minister for Justice & Community Building

As people committed to justice, itís easy to loose ourselves in the midst of a hectic world which seems to be brimming with chaos and uncertainty. But also in the midst of this chaos and uncertainty is a growing spirit of resistance. All around us people are coming together and learning how to face this world together. Join us as we explore the heart of resistance and how we can care for and sustain one another through it all.